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We’ve made it even easier to get started or choose your favourite products, with our carefully selected bundles containing all of our favourites. If you’re just getting started why not select the Your Starter Pack option which includes all your meals for one week on your Total VLCD plan.

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  • Your Starter Pack

    Suitable for 1 week on our Total VLCD, including: 7 Porridge, 7 Mixed Meals, 7 Mixed Sweet Shakes and Desserts and 7 ...

  • 7 Savoury Meals

    Includes 7 delicious savoury meals. Suitable for our Total VLCD plan.

  • 7 Mixed Meals

    Includes 3 Spaghetti Bolognese, 2 Shepherd’s Pie and 2 Classic Chilli. Suitable for our Total VLCD plan.

  • 7 Mixed Shakes & Desserts
    Includes 1x Banana Shake, 1x Strawberry Shake, 1x Vanilla Shake, 2x Chocolate Shakes, 1x Chocolate Mug Cake and 1x Butte...
  • 7 x Porridge
    Have your breakfast sorted for 7 days, LighterLife porridge is high in protein, vitamins & minerals. Suitable for a ...
  • new small
    Includes 3 Chocolate, 2 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry and 1 Banana. Suitable for VLCD...