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Our unique mindfulness approach

Our unique approach works with the challenges of weight loss and healthier living. It’s the result of decades of research and practical experience in helping more than 400,000 people. LighterLife meetings are about getting off the dieting roundabout. Each meeting includes a mindfulness session where you and your fellow members chat about the roundabout stuff. Here’s just an overview of the subjects covered in our friendly weekly meetings.

“My LighterLife meeting is the highlight of my week and carries me through the tougher moments. What I’ve lost in weight, I’ve gained 10 times over in support and friendship”

Anne, LighterLife member

Do you spend a lot of time listening, debating, arguing and planning with yourself about what you “could” eat, what you “shouldn’t” eat and what you can “get away with”? The voice in your head throws a spotlight on these conversations.

Why is it when you’re feeling great some people want to throw a spanner in the works? One of our mindfulness topics: Why does losing the weight mean you rock the boat for other people? provides an opportunity to learn new skills to deal with these situations.

Ever described yourself as a “comfort eater”? Hot Topics such as Hangry and Why boredom is boring explore what comfort eating really means. And who couldn’t do with help managing life when Stressed is desserts spelt backwards?

So many clients tell us the car or their bedroom are their “go-to” places for secret eating. That’s just what we look at with Hidden moments.

As well as Mindfulness topics there’s also Body Matters information to dispel common dieting myths. It will help to get your body working with you rather than fighting against you.

Our unique mindfulness approach goes beyond what you put in your mouth and explores how your thinking affects your eating behaviour, giving you the tools for losing weight and keeping it off. It’s time to be different.