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Want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle? We have been helping people lose weight for over 30 years.

Our Weight-Loss Programme sorts out your body, our CBT Mindfulness helps you sort out your head and our Mentors are there to support you on your journey.

Our unique Mindfulness approach
We’ll help you explore different solutions and ideas through CBT Mindfulness work -like why even when you know what is the good for you, healthy choice, you go for the unhealthy option – and then regret it later.
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Your LighterLife Programme
LighterLife is so much more than a diet. We’ll help you explore different solutions, guide and support you, and help you develop the skills you need to make a lasting change.
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Free Mentor support
Our LighterLife Mentors are ready to help, support and guide you. You can access them via Zoom, WhatsApp, text, phone, Facebook live sessions or face to face meetings … you choose…. and the best part - it’s absolutely free!
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My LighterLife Digital Magazine
Read our digital magazine to see more in-depth interviews with some of our thousands of success stories, plus information on our free Mentor support, our unique mindfulness approach, plus easy recipes and much more.
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“I thought I could lose weight by myself – I found out that it is easier when I had my Mentor rooting for me too!”

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I am feeling better than ever!
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11 years on from starting LighterLife and losing 6st, I’m proud to say I’ve completed 18 marathons.
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It's been a game changer for me!
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I'm a completely new person
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Many LighterLife clients have said: “I wish I’d found LighterLife sooner – I knew losing weight was about more than eating less and doing extra.”
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