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Mousse Mix

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(8 customer reviews)


Turn your LighterLife Shakes into a thick mousse to thicken up your sweet Foodpacks.

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Turning your LighterLife diet shakes into a mousse is a great way to liven up your daily Foodpacks.

This 70g tub of LighterLife Mousse Mix will make 7 portions.

To prepare: Place 200ml of cold water into container. Empty shake or dessert mix into the water and add 2 teaspoons of LighterLife Mouse Mix. Blend for 90 seconds, pour into bowl and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes.

Ingredients: Gelatine (from beef).

Manufactured on equipment that processes nuts, gluten, soya, milk, egg, fish, crustacean, celery & mustard.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

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8 reviews for Mousse Mix

  1. (8 reviews)

    LINDA O’HARE (verified owner)

    Fabulous to have a chocolate mousse for pudding, feels like a proper treat.
    I found it quite hard to make at first with a normal shaker as I ended up with unpleasant globs of mixture but after experimenting, I found that this works best for me: empty a sweet shake pack into a dessert bowl and add two (measured) level teaspoons of mousse mix, stir until no white mousse mix powder is visible. Put 200ml water into a magic bullet mixer, add the mixed powders and then blitz for about 20 seconds. Pour it back into the bowl, stick it in the fridge for 10 minutes then tuck in – yum!

    • LighterLife Team

      Thanks for the tip Linda!

  2. (8 reviews)

    Joanna Sammut (verified owner)

    iv discovered the art to mixing this is to first put the water in the shaker then the shake mix then the mousse powder. with a spoon lightly mix the two powders together without touching the water at the bottom then shake and there will be very little to no blobs of gelatine. or you could put the two powders in a bowl mix together first then put in the shaker which i used to do at first but then it was just to longer process and i just wanted to get it in the fridge! lol

    • LighterLife Team

      Hi Joanna, Thanks for the handy tips on how to make up the mousse mix!

  3. (8 reviews)

    SuzM (verified owner)

    Quick trifle treat! – This mousse mix is fabulous! Turns an ordinary shake into a filling topping for the raspberry jelly. (A very quick ‘trifle’ treat!)
    Take a shake sachet, add 2tsp mousse mix and some ice in a LL shaker. To prevent any ‘lumps’, mix for at least 60seconds and then pour over jelly, put in fridge for 5-10 mins and just enjoy!!)
    Sitting down in the evening with a good size bowl of LL trifle is my absolute go to treat!

  4. (8 reviews)

    Andrew (verified owner)

    Hit and miss – Bit hit and miss when mixing. Tried three times, twice with chocolate shake and once with strawberry. Shake by hand, if you use a hand blender i find the gelatin just congeals around the blender blades.

  5. (8 reviews)

    lindsay (verified owner)

    Great product – Wouldn’t be without it, transforms shakes into creamy mousse

  6. (8 reviews)

    Julie (verified owner)

    Great as an indulgent treat! – Love this! I use it with all my shakes but with the Vanilla one, it turns out like a creamy, white chocolate mousse. The teaspoons do have to be quite heaped though and I blends for a good minute with an ice cube in the measured water

  7. (8 reviews)

    Rebecca (verified owner)

    Really useful – I add 1 tsp to milkshakes (and blend with ice) – then put it in the fridge for 10 mins before drinking. That makes a great, thick milkshake rather than a watery shake.

  8. (8 reviews)

    Sheila (verified owner)

    Use more than 2 tsp – Tried this twice being careful with the amount and timing. Unfortunately did not work on either occasion. Will use more next time.

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