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Do you want to make achieving your weight loss goals easier?

Our Weight Loss Programme sorts out your body, our CBT Mindfulness helps you sort out your head and our Mentors are there to support you on your journey. 

So, what does a Mentor do?


Instead of focusing on calorie-counting, recipes and exercise, together you will explore ideas that help you understand what triggers your overeating. That’s how we are different – getting your mind sorted as well as your body. We’ll help you explore different solutions and ideas through CBT Mindfulness work helping you discover the ‘whys’ of your relationship with food and develop the skills you need to make a lasting change.

Support is free and comes in various ways, and you can choose any or all of them to work out which is right for you.

There are weekly meetings, either in person or on Zoom, mid-week catch-ups via phone calls, texts, WhatsApp etc. with support, advice, hints and tips. As well as Facebook Live events, where the weekly topics are discussed, Private Facebook groups where clients just like you offer insights, encouragement, support and experiences between themselves as part of their LighterLife journey.

And it doesn’t stop when you reach your goal weight.  The Management Programme works with you while you enter back into the world of food, and your Mentor is there to guide, advise and support you – along with the LighterLife Intermittent Fasting and Management Facebook group.  The LighterLife Programme will help you keep off your lost weight long into the future.

All this support is absolutely free and is there to help you live your best life… Your Lighter Life

Sharon LighterLife Fast Weight Loss Client Success Story with Mentor Support



How to find your Mentor?

Enter your postcode or email findmymentor@lighterlife.com today.

What our clients say

Nicky LighterLife fast weight loss success

“I have always struggled with my weight. But thanks to my LighterLife Mentor, I now have a plan to maintain my weight that is designed around my lifestyle. I now feel healthy and full of energy and have much more able to play with my little boy all the time.”

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