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How to follow your plan

Total VLCD plan (Around 600kcal per day). You’ll need a total of 28 Foodpacks per week. Daily that means 4 Foodpacks, this can include one of our delicious meal replacements as one of your 4 a day. Don’t forget our unlimited extras, these don’t count as one of your daily Foodpacks. When following this plan be safe in the knowledge you’ll receive 100% of your RDA of vitamins and minerals each day. There’s no calorie counting and no weighing – it’s that simple.


Lite LCD plan (800 – 1200kcal per day). Our low calorie diet plan is easy, simply pick 3 to 4 Foodpacks to enjoy each day, and then enjoy an additional salad or healthy meal recipe. Don’t worry about having to search for tasty recipes, simply use your starter pack and visit the members area for inspiration. If you fancy something else you can choose from our unlimited extras. We recommend adding the LighterLife Mousse Mix to one of our delicious shakes for an alternative sweet meal.  


Fast 5:2 / Management (Around 600kcal/day) We make fasting easy, simply Fast at least 2 days of the week by choosing your 4 favourite Foodpacks or meal replacements per day. On your Fast days we take the fuss out of cooking, there’s no calorie counting or weighing, it’s easy! On your Fast days you’ll receive 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals – something tricky to do with conventional food. On non-Fast days, choose from our range of healthy recipes.


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