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With a wide variety of delicious meals at LighterLife, why not choose something from our sweet selection as part of your weight loss plan? The LighterLife Sweet range includes tasty shakes and warming porridge.

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  • Porridge
    Perfect way to start the day: high in protein, vitamins & minerals - can be used for Total, Lite, Fast or Management....
  • Vanilla Shake
    Packed with protein, vitamins & minerals, this shake is suitable for a low or very low calorie diet ...
  • Strawberry Shake
    Can be used on a very low calorie diet, as a shake or with our mousse mix added. High in protein, vitamins & minerals ...
  • new small
    Includes 3 Chocolate, 2 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry and 1 Banana. Suitable for VLCD...
  • 7 x Porridge
    Have your breakfast sorted for 7 days, LighterLife porridge is high in protein, vitamins & minerals. Suitable for a ...
  • Banana Shake
    Shake OR add our mousse mix. High in protein, packed with vitamins and minerals. Low or very low calorie diet ...
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