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7-Day VLCD Starter Bundle

(3 reviews)
(3 customer reviews)


Everything you need for your first 7 days on our TotalFast VLCD plan. Our starter bundle includes 28 Foodpacks PLUS Popped chips, Jelly, savoury broth and Drink Mix PLUS the...


Everything you need for your first 7 days on our TotalFast VLCD plan. Our new starter bundle includes a mixed selection of 28 Foodpacks: 7 Meals, 5 Shakes, 3 Porridge, 5 Bars, 4 FastPots, 2 Soups and 2 Chocolate Mug Cakes.

PLUS… 2 x Popped Chips*, 1 box of savoury broth, 2 Raspberry Jellies, a Sunrise Orange Drink Mix AND the essential Your Starter, handy-sized 500ml shaker and a Sistema microwave bowl (colours may vary)

Our starter bundle is a great way to set off on your Total VLCD and find your favourite flavours.

Here’s exactly what you get – click on the individual items for full details, including Foodpack preparation, nutrition and ingredients information.

3 x Porridge

3 x Chocolate Shake

1 x Strawberry Shake 

1 x Vanilla Shake

1 x Crispy Peanut Bar

2 x Nut Fudge Bar 

1 x Toffee Bar  

1 x Chocolate & Raisin Bar (Meal Replacement)

2 x Thai Noodles Fastpot (Meal Replacement)

2 x Chicken Noodle FastPots (Meal Replacement)

2 x Vegetable Soup

4 x Spaghetti Bolognese

3 x Shepherd’s Pie  

2 x Chocolate Mug Cake

2 x Sticks Raspberry Jelly 

1 x Box of savoury broth 

1 x Stick Sunrise Orange Drink Mix 

Sistema Microwave Bowl (colours may vary)

500ml Small Shaker

Your Programme Book

1 x Salt and Vinegar Popped Chips

1 x Cheese and Onion Popped Chips

Customise your own weekly meal plan. Just download our blank meal planner here.

*This may bring some people out of ketosis.

*some products may be substituted without notice

** Products may vary from the image displayed

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3 reviews for 7-Day VLCD Starter Bundle

  1. (3 reviews)

    Nina Wozniak (verified owner)

    Everything is easy to prepare, you just gotta add the right amount of water -i use the shaker to measure stuff out. At first it all went well, but after few days it’s much harder since the food just keeps repeating itself especially if you dislike some of the products, I personally cannot stand the spaghetti pack so after few bites rest goes to bin else i would probably be sick. Portions are very small even my toddler eats more and since I’m a vegetarian I can’t have the jelly so for me the spot goes blank on the meal plan. For those who need something “sweeter” to drink I would recommend to get some of the water flavouring drink mix (im gutted i haven’t), I wouldn’t get too excited for the mug cake, although I don’t really mind it, it just honestly don’t taste of anything. Rest of food is alright. To be honest i can’t wait to finish my 4 weeks diet plan and start eating healthy and FRESH food, since there isn’t a spot for at least 1 fruit. But it says what you get so it’s all up to you, and although you get the nutrients you lose weight because of the calorie deficiency (no magic here) since its up to 800kcal daily, some days just under 700kcal. Week 1 – lost 2 kg, all information taken from experience, I am nowhere near an expert.

    • LighterLife Team

      Thank you for your review 🙂

  2. (3 reviews)

    RebeccaWright (verified owner)

    Excellent bundle…definitely recommend this if your just starting out.. Really happy with everything..easy-going …helping me to keep on track with my weightloss journey..still got plenty products..got a little stocked up with deals and offers from my local superdrug store..I’m now on to purchasing week 2 bundle yaaay .
    Becki xx

    • LighterLife Team

      Hi Becki, Glad to hear that you are happy with our 7-day starter bundle! 🙂

  3. (3 reviews)

    Sandra (verified owner)

    Expensive – It seems to be a great package,

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