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What is a Foodpack?


Foodpacks are made out of the same stuff as ordinary food. They contain the highest quality ingredients and have identical nutrition levels. Total diet replacement (TDR) is another way of describing a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD).





Our TDR products give you all the nutrition you need in 4 Foodpacks a day. It’s impossible to get all the protein, fibre, carbs, essential fats, vitamins and minerals you need from 600 kcal of ordinary food. And they are the best quality: research presented at a European Congress on Obesity showed that out of 11 VLCDs on sale in the UK in 2014, only our Foodpacks had the right amount of nutrition.



Our Total plan is low enough in Calories and carbs to switch your body into burning fat (stored food) for the bulk of your energy – a natural metabolic state called ketosis (our meal-replacements are higher in carbs than our VLCD products, so having more than one a day on Total could tip you out of ketosis). It also has enough high-quality protein to keep lean muscle healthy – including the heart – while you’re losing weight. Ketosis generally suppresses appetite, so on Total any hunger you do notice is likely to be about what’s happening in your head not what’s going into your mouth – which is what you explore in Xpress meetings.


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