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What’s in our Foodpacks? Your bite-sized guide to our deliciously nutritious meals!

Fast Weight-Loss with LighterLife Foodpacks nutritionally complete

Our Foodpacks are made from the same stuff as ordinary food and have been designed to enjoy on plan to achieve your weight-loss goals, or to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle once you’ve hit your target. They contain the highest quality ingredients and have identical nutrition levels.


Did you know that European regulations dictate what goes into our LighterLife Foodpacks?


VLCD Foodpacks are displayed with the VLCD logo on our online shop and contain around 150 kcal each. Our 150 kcal range includes Blueberry Pancakes, Chocolate Mug Cake, Spaghetti Bolognese and Porridge, as well as Soups, Shakes and Bars.


Meal Replacement Foodpacks are displayed with the MRF logo on our online shop and contain around 200 kcal each. Our 200 kcal range includes Thai Noodle and Chicken Noodle FastPots, Chocolate Raisin bars, Berry Smoothie and Superfood Green Soup

On the TotalFast Plan you can choose from either: 4 x 150 kcal Foodpacks or 3 x 150 kcal Foodpacks + 1 x 200 kcal meal replacement. On our FlexiFasting plan: you choose a combination of Foodpacks and conventional food depending on your plan. Management uses a 5:2 FlexiFasting approach.


Our extra-special extras are all carefully formulated to keep you on track and displayed with the EXTRA logo on our online shop. Our Popped Chip range are all under 100 kcal and can be enjoyed as part of your FlexiFast plan, and occasionally (twice a week) on the TotalFast plan or as a healthy snack for the whole family to enjoy..

Unlimited Extra

Whatever plan you are on, you can enjoy unlimited jelly, sugar-free drink mixes, savoury broth, mousse mix and fibre mix. These items are displayed with the UNLIMITED EXTRA logo on our online shop.


Our VLCD products give you all the nutrition you need in four Foodpacks a day. It’s impossible to get all the protein, fibre, carbs, essential fats, vitamins and minerals you need from 600 kcal of ordinary food. And they are the best quality: research presented at a European Congress on Obesity showed that out of 11 VLCD’s on sale in the UK in 2014, only our Foodpacks had the right amount of nutrition.


Our TotalFast plan is low enough in Calories and carbs to switch your body into burning fat (stored food) for the bulk of your energy – a natural metabolic state called ketosis (our Meal Replacements Foodpacks are higher in carbs than our VLCD products, so having more than one a day on TotalFast could take you out of ketosis). Our Foodpacks contain enough high-quality protein to maintain healthy lean muscle mass – including the heart – while you’re losing weight. Ketosis generally suppresses appetite, so on TotalFast any hunger you do notice is likely to be about what’s happening in your head and less with what’s going into your mouth – which is what you explore in our CBT groups.

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