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Maintain your new lighter life

Weight loss requires one set of skills, weight maintenance requires another.  It is not just a one-time challenge, it’s a life-long project. The statistics about ordinary diets reveal that most people who lose weight put it back on… but with LighterLife Management you get all the support you need to live your lighter life, from CBT groups and free weekly meetings to support from your Mentor, Counsellor and fellow LighterLifers.

We also offer a range of plans and products to help you keep your nutrition balanced and your calorie intake under control. Whether you want to try FlexiFast to maintain your weight, or replace occasional meals with one of our delicious Foodpacks, we have the best long-term support options for long-term weight management.

Our Management plan can support you with:

  • Our high-protein Foodpacks, each giving you 25-33% of your daily nutrition
  • Healthy fast food for life on the go with tasty, high-protein Nutripots, each bursting with 20 gm of high-quality protein along with 50% of your daily vitamins and minerals – handy meals the whole family can enjoy
  • Light Bites Popped Chips – high-protein, fibre-packed bags of crunch and flavour for under 100 kcal
  • Mindfulness tools in our weekly meetings and exclusive CBT counselling groups
  • Online support tools and community, mentoring emails and text tips

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Denise's story

“I have a radiance that I didn’t have before… It’s the best life-change plan that I’ve ever done.”

After battling her addictions with alcohol and smoking, Denise Welch turned to food to fill the void. Wanting to lose weight for her wedding and improve her health for the future, she turned to LighterLife.

Now seven years later and two stone lighter, Denise is successfully managing her weight and her healthier relationship with food with the help of LighterLife Management.

Read Denise’s story