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Goodbye Summer: It’s time to refocus on YOU and say hello to autumn

Summer holidays are sadly over, and the schools are welcoming a new academic year.  As life gets back to  a routine, you may find you have some extra time just for YOU. The focus can stop being everyone else and you can put yourself back at the top of your priority list.

A change of season is coming

This is the time of year when we start thinking about autumn; trees changing colour and losing their leaves and we wonder if we will get an Indian Summer – there’s nothing nicer than a walk amongst crisp crunchy leaves on a bright and sunny day.

With evenings drawing in, the autumn equinox is the third week of September – when we move from daylight being more than 12 hours to darkness being more than 12 hours a day, when TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing are starting and will take us week by week through to December, we can now perhaps settle into a routine or pattern for the next few months.

Lose a stone a month #changeispossible 

Autumn is the perfect time to build up your resilience to temptations so that you have the strength to get through the festive season.  It’s a good time to refocus, while there is calm, to deal with your weight – be it losing weight or maintaining your weight.

And perhaps it is the right time to do all those other things that might have been on your to-do list – a bit more exercise, cleaning the car, visiting your family more, smiling more, saving some money, being nice to someone etc.

Let’s make sure Christmas 2023 is one to remember for the right reasons. Imagine how amazing it would be to go into the Christmas season feeling good about ourselves, good about our eating behaviour and better about our weight. With change this will be possible.

How LighterLife will support you on your journey

LighterLife has many ways that you can access the support you need – and best of all it’s all FREE:

  • You can visit your personal mentor for CBT sessions, help, advice, understanding and guidance, either in person or via zoom
  • There are lots of ideas in our members area of our website
  • You can access more support from fellow LighterLifers in our weekly CBT Mindfulness sessions in either the LighterLife TotalFast or LighterLife IntermittentFasting Facebook community groups
  • You can watch and interact on our Facebook live session which take place every Monday at 1pm on our Facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to focus on yourself and get back on track with LighterLife. To find your nearest LighterLife Mentor click here.