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Paul loved the simplicity of our TotalFast Plan and lost 6st 4lb

Fast Weight Loss LighterLife Client Success Story

I have tried a few diets in the past but thought exercise was the only way to help me lose weight – it wasn’t.

I was encouraged to give LighterLife a try by my wife who had successfully lost weight on the LighterLife Programme.

I love the simplicity of the diet. My first week was a journey of discovery; I didn’t find myself feeling hungry at all and was still full of energy, which came as a surprise.

The support from my Mentor was invaluable…

The support from my Mentor, Zoe was invaluable throughout my journey. Her support in the first few weeks asking the very trivial questions and the responsive and reassurances given was needed. I found the group Zoom calls going through the CBT Mindfulness activities to be most insightful in helping to reclaim my control around food and a phrase that I have used many times is that this teaches you to ‘become the thinking eater’. In many ways I have looked upon LighterLife as a ‘paid for’ education with a free diet as a bonus. This is because if we don’t change our behaviours and relationship with food, we will revert to what we were before LighterLife.

I have used the Facebook group to be accountable for my journey and hoping that this encourages me along the way to recognise that everyone’s journey is unique. Our WhatsApp group is great for asking questions and again in the later stages supporting other newbies on their weight-loss journey.

Life after losing weight…

Since the weight loss, I have given up my gym membership and in place of this I go for daily walks of at least three miles. At the start of the year, I embarked upon a virtual walking challenge from John O Groats to Lands’ End, a total of 874 miles, and I completed this on the 29th of July 2022…210 days into the year.

My wardrobe has changed vastly, with pretty much everything being replaced, which is very joyful. It was a delight to be able to get back into my wedding suit after three months on the programme, which I think I looked better in than when I got married three years prior!

I would encourage anyone starting their LighterLife journey to go in with an open mind, and to join the CBT Mindfulness sessions gaining the tools you will need for your new toolbox to help put you on the right track for the future.

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