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The 12 Week Better Health Challenge with LighterLife

With Christmas on the horizon, you might be looking to lose some weight for the big day. Maybe you want to feel more confident or look fab in your new outfit. Whatever the motivation is to lose weight – LighterLife can help!

Join our 12 Week Better Health Challenge and feel amazing this Christmas! LighterLife will help you lose weight and get your mind and body in tip top condition to set you up for long-term success.

Who can join?

It’s for everyone – whether you have more or less than 3 stone to lose, you don’t have to follow it for the whole 12 weeks if you have less weight to lose or could follow it for more than the 12 weeks if you have more to lose, it’s up to you. Our 12-week challenge provides you with a holistic, healthy and effective step-by-step guide, giving you everything you need to start your weight loss journey, lose weight fast and keep it off.

How do I get started?

Step 1) Choose your plan – you can lose weight fast with our Total plan or get flexible weight loss with FlexiFasting plan. Remember that once you lose the weight you can keep it off long term with our Management plan.

Step 2) Purchase your Foodpacks – there are lots of different bundles to choose from. If you are new to LighterLife our 7-Day Starter Bundle might be a good choice.

Step 3) Find your Mentor – enter your postcode to find your personal Mentor at lighterlife.com.

Step 4) Choose your ongoing support – the more support you get, and the more you plan, the better! Having support and encouragement makes a huge difference for your success. If you’re not already signed up, join our FREE Client Support Group on Facebook, which is the place to be for inspiration, help and cheers from your fellow LighterLifers ensuring you have support available 24/7.

What does the 12 week better health challenge involve?

Click here to download your Challenge guide. Fill in your commitments section, your meal planner and each week record your loses on the weight tracker. If you are feeling brave you can even share your journey on social media. Remember to tag @lighterlife and use the hashtag #LighterLifeChallege. We love seeing your weekly progress photos and videos during your weight loss journey.

So, what are you waiting for? With Christmas just around the corner, make this year count! Give yourself the gift of better health and join the LighterLife 12 week challenge.