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What do you want for Christmas?

It might feel like Christmas is a long time off, but before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. So what are you wishing for this Christmas? Is it the latest gadget to hit the high street or that new designer bag you have been dreaming of? Believe it or not, Health and Happiness comes top of many people’s wish lists.

Having good health is often linked to what you weigh. After all, being overweight or obese means there are much higher risks of suffering co-morbidities – high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and the risks associated with Covid-19.

Don’t fret – it’s not all doom and gloom! Losing weight reduces the risk of co-morbidities.

With LighterLife you can choose how fast you want to lose weight as well.

14 weeks until Christmas week

1lb a week = 1 stone lost

2lb a week = 2 stone lost

3lb a week = 3 stone lost

4lb a week = 4 stone lost

Our Weight Loss Plan

The LighterLife Programme has two plans that will help:

With the Total plan you can lose around 3-4 lbs a week – that could be 10 BMI points in 14 weeks (depending on your height).

With the FlexiFasting plan you can lose an average of 1-2 lbs a week.

And not forgetting our LighterLife Mentors that are here to give you lots of support in person or virtually…..#winning!

So what will you be giving yourself for Christmas this year? That new pair of sunglasses or your best health ever which will leave you feeling good about yourself and your body.