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Denise Welch: 6 years as LighterLife’s ambassador

This May, LighterLife ambassador Denise Welch is celebrating 6 years of maintaining her weight loss with LighterLife, and we’re taking a look back at her amazing journey.

“I’m so proud to be LighterLife’s ambassador six years on from starting the Total Plan and losing two stone. Although my pending wedding to Lincoln was my short-term goal, I wanted to keep the weight off and really tackle the negative cycle I’d found myself in with food, which is exactly what I’ve done thanks to LighterLife!” Denise Welch

Denise lost an incredible 2 stone in 2 months ahead of her wedding in 2013 by following our Total Plan and attending a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) group each week. She has since continued to maintain her weight loss by using the LighterLife Management/FlexiFasting Plan.


Why did Denise choose LighterLife in 2013?

“It was because of the group work,” she explains. “I’d swapped drinking too much for eating too much. What I quickly realised through my LighterLife group work was that I often listened to the child’s voice inside my head, the rebel that says, ‘Go on, you deserve it.’ I was ignoring my rational, adult voice.

“In practical terms, this means that I now stop and think before I eat. I find it helps to ask myself, ‘Are you really hungry, or are you just fed up, tired or stressed?’ This helps me catch myself from falling back into unhelpful eating patterns. LighterLife has taught me how to enjoy treats, in moderation, without slipping into bad habits of comfort eating again.

“After conquering my alcohol addiction, learning to manage my relationship with food, and giving up smoking (which I did based on the teachings of LighterLife), my only resolution next year will be to carry on the good work, maintain my weight loss and continue being healthier and happier in body and mind.”


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Denise explaining in 2017 why she decided to join LighterLife: Denise Welch – LighterLife 2017


How has Denise maintained her weight loss?

After losing 2 stone Denise has seen some great health improvements and continues to maintain her weight loss with the LighterLife FlexiFasting Plan. What Denise loves most about the FlexiFasting Plan is that she can still enjoy her favourite dish of Fish and Chips. But now instead of reaching for food for emotional reasons Denise now makes an informed decision about when to have a treat around her fasting days.

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Denise turns 60

We’ve also seen Denise celebrate her 60th birthday:

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We think you look fabulous, Denise!


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