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Eunice Winn

Eunice was fed up of her weight holding her back. Now almost 4st lighter, she’s been maintaining her size 12 frame since April 2019 and is feeling better than ever.

  • Weight lost: 3st 12lb*
  • Weight loss plan: Total
  • Followed by FlexiFasting


“For me, food has always been my go-to. If I was feeling down or even feeling on top of the world, food was what I reached for. Almost always, I was eating for an emotional reason rather than just hunger. This stems back to my childhood where food was always used as a reward for good behaviour or something that would ‘cure’ any upset feelings.

With a husband and two teenage boys (13 and 16), home-cooked family meals were, and will continue to be, a big part of our lives. I love cooking, but I know now that my portions were definitely too big. My personal favourite food was cheese. At mealtimes I’d eat too much, until I was uncomfortably full.

In October 2017, at the age of 49, I had a hip replacement after suffering with pain for some time due to near-obliteration of the joint space in my right hip. After realising that my mobility was still reduced I knew that my excess weight was holding me back. Even just the little things, like tying my shoes laces were challenging tasks. I wanted to do these everyday things without feeling restricted by my size.

Starting my lighter life

After some months of feeling down and frustrated, I contacted my local LighterLife Centre to get started on the LighterLife programme. With the support of my Counsellor, Hazel, I started on the LighterLife Total plan where I’d swap all conventional food for four LighterLife products each day. This concept was perfect for me as it was easy to follow without any weighing or measuring and fitted in well with my work routine too.

After my first week on the Total plan I’d lost 10lb – impressive! The fast rate of weight loss kept me motivated and spurred me on. My weekly group sessions were fantastic. Hazel would take us through eye-opening cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) activities that really make you stop and think. By going to these meetings each week I’ve really come to understand more about my relationship with food and slowly unpick years of negative behaviours.

Looking to the future

Now, 3st 12lb lighter, I feel like a completely new person. I’ve dropped four dress sizes and can’t ever imagine going back to my old ways. I’m now using the LighterLife FlexiFasting plan to maintain my new weight. Using LighterLife’s products alongside healthy meal options is a fantastic way of eating – it’s revolutionary!

I no longer have feelings of guilt over my food choices that I had in the past – with these new tools I can make informed decisions around food, and that’s all down to my CBT group sessions. Through these invaluable sessions, I’ve learnt that food is not my enemy because my choices control that relationship. It’s so liberating being able to control what I do and what I choose to consume. LighterLife has helped me in every aspect of my life – it is truly life-changing!”