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Denise’s Story

Denise lost 2st* with LighterLife before her wedding and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over five years.

  • Weight lost: 2st*
  • Length maintaining: 5 years*
  • Weight loss plan: Total
  • Followed by FlexiFasting

‘I chose LighterLife because of the group work. I’d swapped drinking too much for eating too much. What I quickly realised through the LighterLife group work was that I often listened to the Child’s voice inside my head: the rebel that says ‘Go on, you deserve it.’ I was ignoring my rational, adult voice.

In practical terms, this means that I now stop and think before I eat. I find it helps to ask myself, ‘Are you really hungry, or are you just fed up, tired or stressed?’ This helps me catch myself from falling into unhelpful eating patterns again. LighterLife has taught me how to enjoy treats, in moderation, without slipping into bad habits of comfort eating again.

After conquering my alcohol addiction, learning to manage my relationship with food, and giving up smoking (which I did based on the teachings of LighterLife) my only resolution next year will be to carry on the good work, maintaining my weight loss and being healthier and happier in body and mind.’

Since losing weight , I’ve also seen some great improvements to my health;

  • Osteoarthritis – before I lost weight, I suffered from osteoarthritis and recently had a check-up appointment with a consultant. He said after he’d X-rayed the knee again that there was a 90% improvement – which I put down to my weight loss.
  • Snoring – I used to snore really badly. Lincoln tells me that it’s reduced by two-thirds since I did LighterLife.
  • Acid Reflux – I also had really bad acid reflux before I lost weight. I was taking pills every day. It was waking me up every night because the burning was so bad. The nearest I’d felt to that was when I was pregnant. Now, I don’t need any reflux tablets at all.

On top of the physical health benefits, my wellbeing has also greatly improved. I have a radiance that I didn’t have before. I’d never be an ambassador for something I didn’t believe in but I truly believe in LighterLife. It’s the best life-change plan that I’ve ever done.


Denise in the press

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Denise’s top LighterLife tips:

Maintaining is Key!

‘Once you have reached your goal weight there is a tendency to think, ‘I’ve lost the weight. Job done, I can go back to eating normally’. Wrong! The only successful way to keep the weight off is to continue with the same thought processes as before when you were on a strict diet. Watching what you eat and your portions sizes will help you learn a healthier way of eating, and how to deal with the urge to binge eat or overeat.’


Create a New Approach to Temptation

‘LighterLife helps you understand how to take control of situations that may cause bad eating behaviour, we call this Event Response Outcome. This thought process training has been particularly key in helping me stick to my plan. By altering your response to an event, you’ll affect the outcome. For example, if your partner brings home a pizza, instead of thinking ‘one slice won’t hurt’ and succumbing to it and then blaming him, challenge your thoughts properly and consider what is driving you to eat the pizza, e.g. comfort, loneliness, and then think of why you want to lose the weight. You will automatically make a better decision.’


Banish Visual Temptations

“You will be less likely to stray from your plan and goal if you get rid of any visual clues that tempt you to give up on your journey. These foods will only give you the taste for further unhealthy foods and will ruin you hard work so far.”


No one else but Denise can describe her weight loss story better. To watch more on Denise’s weight loss journey with LighterLife click here.


*Each of our client’s results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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