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If your wardrobe could talk…



What would yours say about you? Would it tell a tale of never-worn garments with the price tags still attached, or perhaps a story of old favourites stashed away at the back because the zip no longer does up? Opening the wardrobe door can trigger an avalanche of powerful emotions: feelings of failure and disappointment with every tug and squeeze or elation when the zip does up. Looking at the clothes in your wardrobe can be as evocative as perusing old photographs, and just as emotional. Clothes play a role in figuring out where we fit in, and the clothes we wear influence our decision making, and vice versa. Yet it’s not just what your clothes say about you, it’s what they say to you.


One more will hurt

Those small sized items of clothing hiding at the back of the wardrobe are there as a result of a number of thoughts you’ve had and actions you’ve chosen to take, because even if you haven’t recognised them as choices, they are. One of the most powerful sets of thoughts and actions can be summed up in four simple words: ‘One more won’t hurt’. But it does. All those ‘just one mores’ can so easily turn into a lie that you tell yourself time and time again. And your wardrobe knows that.

At LighterLife you’ll discover something different from the norm. We tackle topics that will help you understand your eating habits and find solutions to keep the weight off for life. On Total, you can lose a stone a month, which means dropping a dress size a month. Now what would your wardrobe have to say about that?


Don’t just take our word for it. Here what our client Lindsay has to say.

“There was so much denial. As I got bigger I didn’t want to buy bigger sizes, so I started wearing leggings. And leggings are very forgiving. I was probably a size 24, but my leggings were an 18, and I had about 10 pairs I’d pour myself into. Now there isn’t a single pair in my wardrobe. Your wardrobe can lie to you and it can berate you. “I had so many different-sized clothes in my wardrobe, but with LighterLife I made a conscious decision to charity-shop the bigger sizes as I went along. If you hang on to those big sizes, somewhere in your mind you’re telling yourself you’re going to go back.


LighterLife Mentor and former client, Rhonda Floyd, wrote this poem to explore how she used to feel and what life’s like now:


My wardrobe was like a dark cavern containing my broken dreams.
My lost chances and hopes and painful memories.
If only, what ifs and what could have been of missed opportunities and misery…
Row upon row of black silhouettes, dangling on a rail.
Uniforms in various sizes, representing my many guises.
Silently mocking my too large body, throwing my day into desperate despair
“What should I wear?”  “Will it even fit?” “Is this too tight?” “SHOULD I JUST QUIT?”
Crawl back into bed, pull the covers up.
If I don’t go outside today, then no one will mock…


My wardrobe is a place of beauty containing happiness and joy.
There’s passion and magical memories.
There’s peace, structure and love.
It’s what I’ve strived and worked hard to be.
It contains a brand new confident me.
Inside the rail sparkles with dazzling silhouettes of positivity.
Clothes that capture, encapsulate and reflect my true personality.
I’m no longer wearing a cloak, a uniform of anonymity.
My wardrobe finally allows me to be authentically ME.




Rhonda Floyd – LighterLife Mentor


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