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Your Total solution for rapid fat loss

If you’ve got at least a stone to lose, and you don’t want to hang onto it any longer than necessary, choose our premium plan, Total.

It’s a fast and effective total dietary replacement (TDR) plan which swaps out your ordinary food for four LighterLife Foodpacks a day. This gives you all the vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, fibre and carbs you need in a very-low-calorie diet (vlcd) of just 600 to 800 calories plus all the great taste and convenience to keep you motivated and on plan.

£ for lb, it’s the cheapest, quickest way to lose weight.

And Total is far more than a “diet”. Alongside our delicious range of Foodpack bars, shakes, soups, pots and meals, it’s a golden opportunity to change your relationship with food and develop the skills to keep your weight off in the long term.

What’s included in our Total plan:

  • 28 Foodpacks a week
  • Your vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, fibre and carbs in around 600-800 kcal a day
  • Simple, effective tools for change, from mindfulness to stress management in our free Xpress Slimming Club meetings
  • An invitation to our exclusive CBT programme – small, friendly groups, either face-to-face or over the phone
  • Online support tools and community, inspirational mentoring emails and tips by text

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Natasha's Story

 “I felt sexy and confident, like a different person.”

Regular carnival-goer Natasha Williams-Faray was a size 22 when she joined LighterLife. Even though she always felt confident with how she looked, her excess weight affected her energy levels and was beginning to impact on her health.

Natasha followed the LighterLife Total TDR Plan for eight months. Now a size 12, she has more energy and wears her flamboyant costumes with even more pride.

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