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Garry’s Story

At his heaviest Garry weighed 21 stone, he’d eat takeaways in secret, and make stops at the kebab shop before sitting down at home to a healthy family meal with my wife, Rosemarie, and children.

“I felt enormous guilt and shame about my increasingly deadly habit, but I was in a vicious circle of getting depressed about my weight, eating for comfort and escape, putting on more weight and repeating the process.”

The turning point was Garry’s 42nd birthday when he went to a football match. It was a hot summer’s day and he had been really looking forward to it. But Garry’s knees, struggling under his weight, swelled up and were really painful. He left the match and drove to the local hospital in a panic. There wasn’t much they could do other than warn him about his weight.

Later, Garry went to see his GP for moral support. He asked him what they could do about his knees. The doctor was blunt. He said my knees were not the issue, my diet was. He recommended I go on a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) without further delay, as it meant a quick and safe solution.

“I did it for me and for my girls and it was worth it, I wish I’d done it sooner.”


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