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Diana Mais – My thoughts – for me and you

After spending two decades unhappy with her weight, Diana who is now over 6st lighter has been maintaining her size 12 dress size since August 2018 and is feeling better than ever. Here she shares her thoughts for you;

I wish the ‘17st me’ had looked into a crystal ball to see how just eight months on Total and 6 ½ stone down would transform my life. I would have reassured myself that I CAN lose the weight. I would have said:

‘Believe in yourself. I know that years of yo-yo dieting have undermined your confidence but you’re not going to be in this alone. Well done you for having found LighterLife.’

I would’ve told myself that this was going to be the end of the knee pain, backache, and feeling sluggish and low. The end of the heartache of feeling self-conscious in whatever I wore and being embarrassed about my size, standing out for all the wrong reasons. Everything was always such an effort, all day, every day. Remembering all that, helps me keep the weight off and it’s part of the reason why I write my thoughts down.

I remember Christmas 2017. I’d finally had enough. I was literally sick of it all. I was so ready for my first LighterLife meeting in January that I practically ran there. I wanted to lose the weight quickly. And I did just that – I lost 9lb in my first week.

I know that the ‘fat me’ lied and kept telling me ‘one more won’t hurt’. At the meetings I have learnt so much about all that stuff. My temptation voice is still around in my head but now I know how to challenge it. The level of support is off the scale. There’s so much camaraderie. You really want everyone to succeed. It’s that solidarity of sharing the same problem and being together, using a programme that’s made for you and that works. It helped me see I’d been sabotaging my weight for years by putting my needs last and supported me in developing the tools to ensure I no longer do it.

If you’re like me, don’t waste any more time. Yes, I am evangelical, and so will you be. Read Diana’s weight-loss success story here

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