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Weight-loss plans to suit you: let us help you lose weight and keep it off!

LighterLife’s weight loss and management programmes are the result of decades of research and practical experience. Having helped more than 1,000,000 people lose weight, we understand that it isn’t just about what you eat, but about your whole relationship with food. That’s why our unique combination of mindfulness and very-low-calorie diet is what makes our approach so effective.

There are three LighterLife diet plans available nationwide to help people reach  their target weight, with continued support provided to help maintain this weight loss once they get there.

Here are our amazing plans:

The TotalFast Plan

On our TotalFast plan you will replace all ordinary food with four LighterLife Foodpacks. Our Foodpacks are specially formulated to ensure they provide you with all the nutrition you need on your weight loss journey.

You can drink unlimited black tea, black coffee, water and unlimited LighterLife extras, such as our Drink Mixes and Raspberry Jelly. Our plan will help you lose weight in a scientifically proven safe and healthy way and the low calorie levels of the diet mean that everyone will lose weight on this plan.

The FlexiFast Plan

Fast weight loss FlexiFasting plan

Our FlexiFast plan is as flexible as you want it to be. You choose how many Foodpacks and Meal Replacements you have alongside conventional food.

For instance, some days each week you can replace the whole of your daily diet with four Foodpacks then eat normally on other days. Or, another option, is to have three Foodpacks every day plus a conventional meal. Remember, the more you stick to the four Foodpacks a day regime, the more effective your weight loss plan will be.

The Management Plan

Fast weight loss long term Management plan

The Management plan is our tried and tested approach to help people maintain their new weight once they’ve reached their goal. This plan is designed to enable clients to continue developing long-term tactics to live a healthy, balanced life. You can help maintain your weight with a combination of Foodpacksmanagement meals and tasty snacks.

The LighterLife Programme is remarkably straightforward to follow:

Members who join LighterLife’s groups are supported by personal Mentors throughout their weight-loss journey and beyond. Our personal Mentor support and weekly Mindfulness sessions are offered free of charge and open to everyone on our weight loss plans.

So what do you have to lose? Search for your nearest meeting here and start living your lighter life.