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I can’t wait to buy some new holiday clothes after losing nearly 3 stone in 12 weeks on LighterLife

Working from home meant I didn’t move around that much, so my clothes were getting tighter. I used to be a size 10-12, but had crept up to size 14-16, and was getting those tell-tale lines on my tummy from my jeans. Plus, I’m turning 50 this month and going through perimenopause. Previously I’d tried other diets, calorie counting – nothing worked. If anything, I was putting MORE weight on.

Why I chose LighterLife

Then I heard about LighterLife. I was so inspired by all the success stories and loved the fact that it isn’t just for one type of person, it works for all age groups and sizes. I also really liked the idea of being part of a group and having a Mentor to give me one-to-one support. I knew before I started yet another diet that I had to be in the right mindset and give it 100%, even though I had a wedding, husband’s birthday, and Father’s Day all coming up. But I thought, “These challenges will always be in your life, so don’t use them as an excuse not to start.” I was determined this was my journey and I was doing something for me for a change.



Following the plan

I lost 7lbs in my first week on TotalFast and didn’t feel hungry or tired at all. And the response I got from my group when they heard about my weight loss was amazing.

Around the third week I started feeling a little hungry, but now I knew how to distract myself. So, I cleaned the house and drank a lot of water until the feeling passed. My husband and daughter encouraged me too, but when I realised how much looser the clothes in my wardrobe were getting, that was all the incentive I needed to keep going!

LighterLife is perfect for me as I’m always on the go but I don’t need to think about cooking and preparing food, I know I get 100% of my daily nutrition from the plan. Not having to count the calories either is great! And the best part is I can still go out for family meals but I’ll either have a soup beforehand or I’ll take a bar with me and just have black coffee.

I started my LighterLife TotalFast plan journey on 13th April 2023 and in just 12 weeks I’ve lost 2 stone 13lbs. I’m now size 8-10, and in the best shape I’ve been in years.

Marcia’s Top Tip

If you’re on the fence about doing LighterLife, I would say just start. You’ll see the results every week – and remember to take your before photos so you can really see how well you’re doing.

We’re about to go away on a family holiday to Florida and after throwing away lots of old clothes that are now far too big, I can’t wait to buy lots of lovely new holiday clothes that fit!