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Louise Bennett lost 7st 7lb on TotalFast

Unable to wear her hundreds of beautiful high heeled shoes, Louise came to LighterLife in hope of losing weight to finally wear her most prized possessions again. Now 7st 7lb lighter she’s looking and feeling better than ever.

  • Weight lost: 7st 7lb*
  • Weight loss plan: TotalFast
  • Followed by Management
  • Maintaining since August 2018

“Being a bigger woman, I struggled to find clothes to fit my style and personality. Everything was so frumpy and plain, and the only part of my wardrobe I could enjoy and unleash my quirkiness with was my shoes. Over the years I’ve acquired over 200 pairs!

Then there came a time where I could no longer fit into my beautiful shoes either, and they became a shrine of beauty I could no longer enjoy. I think I stared at them for about two or three years on and off, knowing what I needed to do but unsure where to go for help.

In 2017 I reached the point where I felt unwell, both physically and mentally. My energy levels had gone through the floor and I was feeling miserable. I was eating to help boost my mood, but I’d lost any enjoyment from food I’d once had and instead I was just consuming extra calories I didn’t need.

My turning point

It wasn’t until my GP advised me to lose some weight that I sat up and listened. I had a feeling this was the heaviest I’d been, but I wouldn’t dare weigh myself to find out.

I remembered hearing about LighterLife from a friend a few years previously, after he’d lost weight; I’d spent most of my adult life trying one diet or another so I’d been intrigued to know his secret. Reminding myself of his success, I got in touch with my local LighterLife Counsellor, Mandy, to get started on a LighterLife plan.

Getting started

With Mandy’s guidance I started on the LighterLife TotalFast plan to lose a stone a month, and attended weekly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) group meetings. I started off quite reserved in the meetings but after a few weeks I felt comfortable enough to participate and get fully involved with the discussion. This soon became my favourite part of the LighterLife plan and I still look forward to meeting up with the ladies each week and learning from each other. Having the support of like-minded people is invaluable.

Unlike many others, I decided not to ask for my starting weight because I just couldn’t face knowing an exact number. In my head I was around the 16st mark but it wasn’t until I’d been on plan for around eight weeks that I finally asked Mandy to tell me my starting weight. I was shocked to hear it was actually 17st 5lb. If I had heard this before starting my weight-loss journey I think I would’ve run away and hid from the reality. Thank goodness I was feeling motivated and empowered to carry on and lose a further five stone when I was told that bombshell!

New mindset, new me!

It feels amazing to have gone from a size 22 to a 10/12. I know that losing weight was the easy bit and the challenges will come managing my new weight but with the CBT techniques I’ve learnt in group I’m confident in making those long-term changes. I will no longer fall into the trap of repeating negative behaviours such as gorging on multiple packets of fruit gums. Before LighterLife I would’ve just finished the whole pack mindlessly; now I stop and evaluate my thoughts and feelings so I can determine why I’m eating.

Being able to wear my high heels again has been the icing on the cake for me; they symbolise my achievement better than any pair of jeans could! It’s a new shoes day every day and I can’t thank LighterLife enough for helping me to feel 10 years younger. Shopping has become my new favourite past time and I’m finally living my dream!”