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Reflecting on my LighterLife journey by Charlotte Williams

Where the devil has this year gone?!

I mean, it’s flown by and been mostly eventful – not that I’m complaining.

2017 was THE year that I vowed to make a change.

Not a resolution or a goal.  It had to be stronger than that.  Lasting.

I decided to make a commitment to myself to be well, happy and content, and for me this meant facing my feelings about my weight and doing something different.

I think back to the 1st January, my first day on Total, and I was truly looking forward to starting.  One wee thing though … I wasn’t counting on coming down with the adenovirus!

As I laid in my bed feeling beyond awful, I thought ‘… if I can stick to plan throughout this, I can do anything!’  Sad, but true.

As I look back now, I see just how deep that commitment was and I now realise that we are ALL on this very same lifelong journey of change.   We have good days and not so good ones too, but when they crop up we now know how to deal with them (or a quick call to Team LighterLife will set us straight again!).  Personally, I tackle this one step at a time, breaking my journey into smaller manageable pieces.

Over the months, I would look at the old photos of me, you know, those before photos that we shove away in a drawer or file on our phones, tablets or computers in “other” as they make us squirm a little!  As I gaze at the old me, I remember how I felt at the time and I lighten the mood by occasionally asking myself “what the hell were you wearing?!’ or on the occasion it has been a photo with an ex-boyfriend “… girl, what WERE you doing with HIM?!!” – and I laugh at yet another fashion faux pas or disastrous relationship choice!

And there it is, in a nutshell, how when we take control of something so important in our lives, in this case, our health / weight / happiness, our entire perspective changes.  We realise our worth.  We gain a clearer perspective on life.

That commitment I referred to earlier isn’t just to the plan, it’s to you and how you want to change, for good. It’s about swapping the habits and behaviours of old for wiser / healthier choices.  It’s the formation of a strategy for the future as you become your best you throughout your journey and beyond.

Myself included, we all have those proverbial ‘oops’ moments where we may over-do it one day but then we’re straight back on plan, rescuing ourselves and feeling stronger (and prouder) for it.  I call this being accountable and congruent in my approach to my wellbeing.

So, continue the good work everyone as you’re amazing; acknowledge where you’ve been and focus on your achievements and never forget to continue to be kind to yourself, it works wonders – Charlotte

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