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Q&A with Paul Allitt

After years of failed dieting, Paul Allitt lost 5st 1lb on our Total VLCD plan. We find out why LighterLife has been such a success for him

 What was your trigger for joining LighterLife?

My health. I was concerned that I was developing health issues – I already had a bad back from an old injury and being overweight was not helping – so I wanted to prevent this getting worse. And I’ve got three daughters and I’d started to worry that I wouldn’t be around to see them grow up and get married in the future. My doctor was keen for me to lose weight, too.

Had you tried any other diets?

Yes, quite a few of the usual ones, but I just couldn’t keep the weight off. I realised that I needed more of a life change rather than a quick fix, which is why I came to LighterLife.

What made LighterLife different?

It was the one-to-one advice my Mentor, Hayley, gave me, definitely.

How much did you lose?

I lost 72lb – just over 5st – with LighterLife.

What kept you motivated and on track?

Seeing such fast weight-loss results and going to see Hayley each week, knowing I had a weigh-in with her and a one-to-one meeting – that was all really motivating. And the financial and time investment I put into myself to do LighterLife was also an incentive. I really wanted it to work this time.

What are your favourite LighterLife products?

The Crispy Peanut Bar followed by Scotch Broth, and both the FastPots.

What was hitting your goal like?

It felt amazing. It was a real boost! I’m now in Management and continuing to lose weight. Hayley kept me going with small steps until I reached my goal.

What was the biggest thing you had to overcome?

When I first started on the Total VLCD plan I hid away, as I knew that in the past I’d struggled to cut back on social eating and drinking alcohol, but with Hayley’s help I’ve worked on strategies to manage all that.

What did you eat on a typical day and how has that changed?

I’ve never really been a breakfast person, so I either used to eat a slice of toast or crumpet on the go or miss breakfast completely. I now have a LighterLife Crispy Peanut bar on my way to work and I really look forward to it.

Lunch used to be soup and a sandwich from the local deli, with a bag of crisps and a fizzy drink.

Now I have a chicken or ham salad bowl from their healthy menu and a bottle of water.

My wife and I have always been pretty good at cooking from fresh rather than eating ready meals and processed food, but we’ve tweaked the ingredients of our favourite dishes to make them more healthy, and I try to stay away from pasta, potatoes, bread and rice where I can.

How has losing weight affected your relationships?

It’s all been really positive. I feel much more confident around my family and friends, who’ve all been very supportive, and I get great comments all the time.

 PS We asked Paul’s Mentor, Hayley Pierce, what it was like mentoring him…

 It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege mentoring Paul. I am so honoured to be his Mentor and to be part of his LighterLife journey. Watching him experience happiness and joy each week as he lost weight has been wonderful. To say that I am proud of Paul would be an understatement. I don’t know what would go beyond the word proud, but whatever word that is, it describes me when it comes to his achievements. He’s done amazingly well and continues to do so in Management.