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How to lose the weight and keep it off, for good!

Are you tired of beginning with high hopes, then struggling and finally giving up?

Frustrated of hearing: “Just eat less and move more” and feeling nobody understands? You’re not alone!

If you know it’s time to do something different, you may also know that to lose weight and keep it off you need to go beyond food. You need to find and change the ‘why’ behind your weight gain.

“At LighterLife we’ll help you find your why”

We’ve helped more than half a million people find the ‘why’ and change their lives for the better, oh and lose a lot of weight, too! That’s thanks to decades of research and practical experience in helping to build hope and achieve results.

We have over 30 years’ experience of training Mentors who specialise in helping people change their relationship with food and with themselves through weekly group meetings. We care and we understand.

With our unique behaviour-change solution, based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Mindfulness insights, we help you work out new strategies and a new way of making decisions without sabotaging yourself with food.

With LighterLife you will get:

1) Fast weight loss

2) Weekly CBT Mindfulness behaviour change sessions

3) Lots of ongoing support from your Mentor

4) Long-term weight Management plans

Our weekly sessions with your Mentor will help you understand your behaviour around food, discover your triggers for overeating and work out new strategies for dealing with them in the future. No more sabotaging yourself with food!

£ for lb we provide the best-value, fastest and most effective weight-loss programme. You lose roughly a stone a month and have the opportunity to explore your reasons for gaining weight.

With the support of your personal LighterLife Mentor (for no extra charge), we offer someone who will guide you and be there for you every step of the way. Together, you create the skills to achieve your healthier weight, keep it there for the long term and find the keys to your motivation within a system that fits into your life.