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Revolutionise your thinking with LighterLife

We know the route to your stomach isn’t through your mouth, it’s through your mind.

That’s how LighterLife is different – we get your mind sorted as well as your body.

Your free LighterLife weekly group (and definitely no hidden costs) helps you be your own detective, exploring different solutions and ideas through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness work helping you discover the ‘whys’ of your relationship with food.

Our unique CBT Mindfulness approach goes beyond what you put in your mouth and explores how your thinking affects your eating behaviour. Weight gain is related to your thinking and feelings..

The voice in your head

We know how to support you in changing that voice in your head to a more helpful one. Together, we help you develop your strengths and help you develop your negotiation skills with yourself. Those ‘yes I will, no I won’t’ inner conversations we all have and to challenge the times when the cheese or chocolate/ or chips are calling: “Eat me! Eat me!”.

We’ll help you explore what comfort eating means for you and show that, when you kid yourself ‘just one more doesn’t matter’, it does. It matters and, most importantly, YOU matter.

LighterLife offers a programme that lasts beyond weight loss, because if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had.

Denise Welch: CBT changed everything

For actress and presenter Denise Welch, it was the CBT work and mindfulness that made the difference:

“The LighterLife group work changed everything for me. Everything. I learned to pause before eating and ask myself if I was really hungry or whether I was tired, stressed, in need of comfort. In other words, I got in touch with my reasons for eating.

“I found the CBT so helpful that I used the mindful exercises to quit smoking.

“There were times when I considered lapsing. But CBT teaches you to recognise the crooked thinking behind such moments.

“For instance, whether it is reaching for the biscuit tin or having a sneaky fag, I might think: ‘No one is going to know. I so want one. I’m feeling so stressed.’

“Then I would ask myself: ‘But am I going to feel less stressed if I eat the biscuit or smoke the cigarette? The answer I know. Am I going to feel happy with myself? No.’”

“There were times when I considered lapsing. But CBT teaches you to recognise the crooked thinking behind such moments.”

Denise Welch

Sustainable changes

Compared to losing weight, keeping it off is a harder task. LighterLife is about more than food. Our Management groups will support you on your path towards the rest of your life. #ChangeIsPossible.

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