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Gemma’s bursting with energy and feeling better than ever

Joining a group really opened Gemma Shaw’s eyes to living a lighter life for good. She’s gone from a size 24 to a 14, she’s bursting with energy and she’s feeling better than ever.

In 2016 my partner and I got married, and it was the best day of our lives. If I’m honest, in the lead up to the wedding, I couldn’t cope with the pressure of losing weight. Getting in shape is a goal for many brides, but for me it wasn’t the right time, I didn’t want the added stress and I didn’t want a quick fix. I’d struggled with my weight for years, so what was another day going to matter?

Yet, there was a moment on our honeymoon in Mexico lying on the most stunning beach when I remember thinking I resembled a boiled ham on my sun lounger. The next year, I was on a flight to France and I remember taking my seat, looking down and it suddenly dawning on me that the seatbelt wasn’t going to fit. I’d put on more weight since the wedding. I was too embarrassed to ask for an extender, so my husband tugged on the belt until I was pinned into my seat for the duration of the flight.

In September 2017, at 17st 6lb, my GP matter-of-factly told me during a routine appointment that I was obese. Afterwards I sat in my car, sobbing. This was my trigger moment, and I joined LighterLife Yate after months of emotional eating. My LighterLife Counsellor, Natalie, turned to me and said,

“Imagine waking up on New Year’s Day and not having to start a diet.”

Her comment really opened my eyes. I knew this time would be for life.

With slimming clubs I’d joined in the past, you were able to eat as much as you liked. This was the completely wrong mentality for someone like me with an issue with food and a lifelong yo-yo dieter. It wasn’t tackling the root cause of my overeating – it almost felt like I was being given the green light to eat what I wanted, instead. that’s what makes LighterLife so different.

I’ve lost over 4 stone on LighterLife Total and I’m so amazed by what I’ve achieved. In our group we would set goals and visualise our future successes, and I’m so proud that I’m now living the healthier life that I set as my target. I have so much more energy now and no longer get out of breath when I walk.

LighterLife has helped me to change my eating habits and choose healthier foods. I have balanced thinking towards food now, and taking conventional food out of the equation while I was on the Total Plan was exactly what I needed to reboot my relationship with food. Before LighterLife, carbs were my weakness, but now I can make an informed decision to enjoy a slice of pizza, rather than using it as an emotional crutch.”

Gemma’s story has also been featured on gloucestershirelive.co.uk. Find out more about LighterLife goup, and our unique approach to lasting weight loss, here.

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