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Diana Mais lost 6st 5lb on our TotalFast plan

Diana spent two decades not happy with her weight, now over 6st lighter, she’s been maintaining her size 12 frame since August 2018 and is feeling better than ever.

  • Weight lost: 6st 5lb*
  • Weight loss plan: TotalFast
  • Followed by Management

“At size 22 I felt dreadful; knee pains, backache and ill-fitting clothes had left me feeling really low and sluggish. I’d been contemplating starting LighterLife for some time, but for some reason I had never been in the right frame of mind to do it. For many, the Christmas period is all about gorging on anything and everything, but for me it ended up being the opposite. By 25th December I was so sick of how I looked and felt, that I’d had enough. I wrote myself an action plan, mentally preparing myself to begin in January. When the time arrived, I was so ready to start, I practically ran to my LighterLife group!

Coming from a Jamaican family, my mother would cook up the most delicious meals. Mealtimes were a huge part of our family, and though my weight had never really been an issue, by the time I reached my mid-thirties, everything changed. I’d gotten married and life became too comfortable. I was just 10st on our wedding day and when I weighed in at the start of the year, some 20 years later, I was over 17st.

New beginnings

When I started LighterLife, I was recommended to start the TotalFast plan to lose up to a stone each month. On the plan I chose four products to have each day, and I was instantly so impressed with the variety on offer. I thought I would have to give up food that tasted good, but that wasn’t the case – I used to look forward to having the LighterLife porridge for breakfast each morning. I stuck to the Foodpacks and I lost an impressive 9lb in my first week. The rate of weight loss is so motivating and keeps you focused on your end goal.

The group sessions are invaluable. My Counsellor, Debbie, takes us through weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) activities and amazingly they are always relevant, not just to poor eating habits but to everyday situations, too! The camaraderie amongst the ladies in group is brilliant because we all have a single goal in common and have become great friends. Not only is my LighterLife group supportive, but it’s thought provoking, too. I’ve realised that I’ve been putting my needs last for years which had sabotaged my weight loss success. I’ve now been given the tools to no longer do that to myself.

Here’s to the future!

I’m so excited to just feel ‘normal’ and not feel self-conscious and embarrassed about my size. Since losing over 6st my energy levels are off the scale, I genuinely believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and that feeling is so liberating! I feel confident and excited about the here and now, as well as the future, and with my Management plan in place I have the tools to keep my weight in check.”

Watch Diana’s video by clicking here.