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Will you TRICK or TREAT your weight loss this Halloween?

Fast weight-loss Halloween on a diet plan LighterLife

Halloween is just around the corner and can be a difficult time of year for LighterLifers on the TotalFast Plan. Over the last few years Halloween has increased in popularity which means that there is almost always an excess number of sweet treats at home for the kids. But as we approach Halloween 2022 we’re sharing some tips to make it easier to stick to your plan.

Avoid trick or treating and reduce temptation

Instead of spending hours walking in the cold, knocking house-to-house, it might be more enjoyable to host a small Halloween gathering. You could throw a party at home for the children or grandchildren to enjoy in a safe environment. The children can still get dressed up and have fun, but you can control the type of sweet treat they receive, and in-turn enter your house.

Fast weight-loss Halloween games bobbing for apples

Play bobbing for apples

This game has always been a family favourite during the Halloween season. Plus, the kids will enjoy a healthy snack that they managed to catch with their teeth.

Reduce temptation for yourself

When your subconscious knows your favourite sweet or chocolate is locked away in the cupboard, it can become your mind’s primary focus. Why not eliminate this issue by choosing sweets or chocolates for the kids that you are NOT keen on. You’ll then be less tempted to have them and stick to your LighterLife plan.

Make your own healthy treats

Make some healthier treats for the kids. You can even get them to join in and save money – perhaps create spooky jelly or pumpkin shaped biscuits. Whilst the kids enjoy their home made treats, you can also have your own LighterLife Raspberry Jelly or even cut your favourite bar into bite sized pieces.

Fast weight-loss Halloween stay hydrated

Stay well hydrated

We very often confuse hunger with thirst, so it is very important to stay well hydrated at this time of year. We recommend you drinking to thirst on plan.

Halloween is a difficult time of year as you are surrounded by sweets and chocolates. Remember to give yourself the best possible chance to stick to plan as it will bring you one step closer to achieving your goal weight.

If you are craving a sweet treat this Halloween, choose one of our sweet options instead. You could indulge in a Chocolate Mug Cake or a Sticky Toffee Pudding, revel in a Salted Caramel bar or be tempted by a Maple Syrup Pancake.