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Master the skills you need for long-term weight management success

Fast Weight-Loss with LighterLife Long-Term goal-weight

You’ve been a success since the moment you were born. You have lots of skills including those mastered as a baby, and the hundreds of ones that you have developed over the years such as talking, reading, writing, driving, brushing your teeth, using a knife and fork, telling the time, perhaps even being confident with using Zoom.

How can I develop mastery? 

Developing mastery takes repeated practice, patience, time, and often courage, this applies to weight management too. Your weight loss success with LighterLife is your preparation, a step towards mastering weight management. With the help of increased self-awareness and knowledge that you gain through your Mentor and group work, you can begin to identify and master skills that will nurture your long-term weight management.

LighterLife Toolkit for long term weight management

Our unique Management Programme is here to support you on this vital journey of mastery. If effectively managing your weight in the future is important to you, read on.

All humans are either gaining, losing of effectively managing their weight.  You are already a skilled weight gainer; may seem unusual to think of weight gain as a skill! If you’ve already lost weight on a LighterLife plan, you are already a skilled weight loser having probably done that on a number of occasions before. The skill that is the least mastered, and indeed is the most complex is mastering living at a healthy weight. It’s not about the perfection and the number on the scales never changing (that’s impossible). However, if you have a fairly recent history of being unsatisfied with the changes in your weight, then you have not yet achieved mastery of long-term weight management. Only you can become the master of your long-term management – but a support network is crucial.

What triggers my weight gain? 

Take some time to review your own history of gains and losses. Recognise your achievements, learn from them and also recognise what was going on when you gained weight. The more you understand how you function the better able you will become at mastering your long-term weight and health.

Stepping stones to LighterLife long-term weight-loss

Take responsibility!

The core skill of management is taking responsibility, letting go of blame. You are ‘response-able’, which means you are very powerful – you are the one who delivers your results. There will be others who both hinder and help, there will be difficult hurdles and helpful steppingstones, but it is you who will or will not become the effective master of your weight.

Such mastery is built by developing your own competency framework – a combination of skills, knowledge, attributes, and behaviours that enable you to become a skilled weight manager. Closely monitor your progress, develop what works for you, learn from your mistakes, and value and reward your achievements. Create plans and tactics for handling new and challenging situations.

You are worth it!

Expect excellence from yourself – decide you are worth it – make YOU your specialisation and your passion – create a support network with your Mentor, your group and supportive friends and family.

Beware of your sabotaging skills, monitor your thinking voice and emotional reactions.

Management is more about what goes on in your mind than in your mouth.

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