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800 calorie diet fights obesity

Oxford University study shows 800 calories diets like LighterLife Total are more successful than those currently recommended by GPs.

A new study, released today (Thursday 27th September) from Oxford University researchers, has proven that a Total Dietary Replacement (TDRs), like the LighterLife Total Plan, is more successful for weight loss than the standard weight management practices.

TDR consists of replacing all conventional food with nutritionally formulated food replacements, providing all the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals in around 800 Calories a day.

The controlled trial involved 278 adults who were overweight and had a BMI of over 30. Each adult dieted for 12 weeks, either using a TDR or their GP practice’s conventional food-based weight management plan, which included cutting back on food with support from a practice nurse.

Those who followed the TDR reduced their calorie intake to around 800 per day and were then encouraged to continue using one product per day to replace a normal meal for the remainder of the year.

The average weight loss in the TDR group was 1st 9 lbs; 1st 1lb more than the GP practice programme, where they lost on average 8lbs.

Commenting on the study, Dr Kelly Johnston, head of research and nutrition at LighterLife, said; “LighterLife has been providing a medically monitored TDR to the obese for 25 years, and has published results that reflect this research, as quoted in the scientific research paper;

 “The NHS does not routinely offer this type of programme, and many primary care doctors are wary about supporting people who choose to use a TDR programme because they are unfamiliar with this approach or have concerns about the safety of such interventions. This trial should provide reassurance.”

Dr Matt Capehorn, medical director at LighterLife, said; “The DROPLET research is a landmark study that should change how we manage obesity in the NHS.  It helps to dispel some of the myths surrounding rapid weight loss. This is very good quality research highlighting that not only can patients tolerate a nutritionally complete Total Dietary Replacement, but the weight loss is better than nearly all other weight loss interventions, and patients do not automatically regain the weight when delivered with support.”

LighterLife has successfully helped over 400,000 people to lose weight through its TDR Total Plan, with 30 years of extensive research to support the plans and products provided by the weight-loss brand. The LighterLife Total Plan uses Foodpacks, which include shakes, pot meals, soups and bars which provide clients with 100% RI (RDA) of vitamins and minerals. This unique TDR plan is combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and group counselling ensuring that clients are supported as they change their relationship with food, resulting in people losing weight and keeping it off.

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