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Working from home and staying on plan

Over the years the flexible option to work from home has become increasingly popular with companies. It not only gives workers the opportunity to find that all important work/life balance, but it has also been said to increase employee morale and productivity. Sounds like a win, win?

Here are just some of the perks to working from home:

  • Zero commuting time – not only saves time but also money
  • Cosy clothing – no more formal office wear
  • No office distraction – avoid being pulled into meetings that eat into your work day
  • Better work / home balance – spend more time with loved ones

With the recent advice from the Prime Minster in response to the pandemic, more and more people will be finding themselves working from home for the foreseeable future.

Here are some vital tips to help you along the way without compromising your weight-loss plan:

  • Set yourself up right – get dressed, brush your teeth and eat your favourite LighterLife breakfast to start the day. Let’s try not to sit in our pyjamas all day.
  • Create a workstation – whether it’s setting up your laptop in the study or clearing an area on the dining table, assign a specific space that is ‘your office’.
  • Take regular breaks – there’s no need to be chained to your desk for the whole day. In fact, you’ll be more productive if you take regular breaks so take the opportunity to go out for walks (keeping a safe distance from others of course) and get some fresh air. There are also lots of exercise tips and advice becoming available online so you can do a gentle workout if you don’t fancy leaving the house or you’re in isolation.  Remember to also make a black coffee or tea and let your brain reboot and energise.
  • Sidestep the snacks – working from home can open the door to bad temptations such as high calorie treats and snacks. Avoid filling your cupboards with high calorie snacks that will be ‘calling you’ and stock up on the LighterLife extras instead! Raspberry Jelly, Savoury Broth and the occasional Popped Chips (recommended 2 packets per a week if you’re on Total).
  • Keep hydrated – this is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, such as your heart, brain, and muscles. Drinking water will help carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder and help you concentrate during a long workday. If you are not keen on the taste of water – stock up on our Sunrise Orange, Pink Grapefruit or Fruits of the Forest Drink Mix.
  • Keep your spirits up – in these stressful times we must continue to practice positive thinking and mindfulness. Put more effort into communicating with colleagues, fellow LighterLifers and family to avoid the feelings of isolation and depression. Remember to join our online Facebook support group or join a virtual meeting to stay connected to like minded people.

Although these are unsettling times, we still have control over our weight. Self-isolation and working from home doesn’t have to mark the end of the goals you’ve already set yourself, instead, this is the time to take a break from our usual routine and for us to really put our wellbeing first!

You can stick to your LighterLife plan with the support from our online groups and virtual meetings. Stay safe.