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Summer is here with 18 hours of daylight

Summer is here and with 18 hours of daylight – and as lockdown gradually releases, we now have decisions to make about how we spend our time.

Will your ‘new normal’ look pretty much like your old one?

Were you up for standing in line needing to buy some summer clothes because your old ones don’t fit this year – or do you already have the clothes and think that now is the time to do something about getting the body back to a size which will fit into them.

Do you have clothes in a range of sizes – some never worn because you never have quite lost the weight?

In a recent survey they found that many people have at least three sizes of clothes in their wardrobe.

Ones that used to fit but are too tight now, ones that just about fit, and ones that have never been worn, but you will lose enough weight to get into them some day.

Make today that some day!

Now is the time to shift that lockdown weight.

LighterLife has Programmes that can help you get the body you need to get into the clothes in your wardrobe.

With all this daylight let’s spend it wisely.

Have you tried our shakes as an ice-cream or a mousse – just what is called for on hot sunny days.

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