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Since losing 6 stone, Alannah buys the clothes she’d always wanted to wear

Client success Alannah lost 6 stone Fast on our weight loss plans

Alannah had spent her life always thinking of herself as the “fat sibling” or the “fat friend”.

When lockdown hit, she piled the weight on. Then she sadly lost her furry soulmate, Daisy, which resulted in her putting more weight on. “That was when I got to the biggest, I’d ever been. I had to change!”

Change is possible with LighterLife

“I chose LighterLife because I wanted the thought of food to be out of the equation. I wanted real results, and quickly. The hardest thing for me about trying to lose weight is the time it takes.” With LighterLife’s simple and easy-to-follow TotalFast plan, Alannah was able to lose 6 stone.

Support is key!

“I listened to my Mentor sessions with Valerie, online and I learnt a lot about why I overeat. The TotalFast Facebook support group, has been incredibly important, shouting out my highs, moaning about the lows and knowing there was a family of people who would encourage me. It’s honestly been life changing!”

LighterLife has completely changed me and my life

“Since losing the weight, I am happier, more confident, I have more motivation and I feel healthier – I even walk my dogs more often.

As for my new wardrobe!!! I love it!! I’m buying the clothes that I’ve always wanted to wear. Dresses, bodysuits, jeans, and crop tops!! Slim fitting clothes! I no longer need to buy tents to hide in!

It would be easy to be ashamed of the woman I was before losing weight, but I’m not. She made the decision to start LighterLife, she was strong and determined, and I couldn’t be prouder. Because of her I am now living my best life!

I always tell people that LighterLife works as long as you follow the plan, and utilise the support there for you. Commit to a better you. You deserve to feel good about your body!”

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