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Katrina lost 5st 11lb in 5 months and is now bursting with energy.


Before starting LighterLife I had tried many diets from calorie counting, to fasting and going to the gym nearly every day. I just couldn’t shift the weight! I began to think maybe that’s just the weight I was going to be, until my mum, Gill, started LighterLife. After seeing how dramatically it improved her life, I started the TotalFast plan too.

I started LighterLife on the first of January 2022 and lost over five in five months on the TotalFast plan. The first week was really exciting, I did feel hungry for the first few days but once I was through that I was full of energy and ready to take on anything!

Amazing support…

LighterLife is just such an easy, simple to follow plan, no calorie-counting, no weighing out portions, no tracking every single little detail. Plus the amazing support from my Mentor, Patricia and the weekly CBT Mindfulness Sessions and the almost immediate results are amazing. It’s all helped me change the way I think about food.

I found the Facebook group really supportive too. Seeing posts from people at all different stages of their journey helped me to stay focused and encourage others to keep going.

One of the things that helped me to keep going was the compliments I got on how great I was looking!

I now love shopping for clothes.

Now I thoroughly enjoy going clothes shopping! Being able to go into any shop and try on whatever I want without trying to find the biggest size possible is AMAZING. I’m wearing things I wouldn’t have dreamed about wearing before. I love having energy and being able to run around without feeling breathless and sluggish. My son loves that I’m able to physically play with him more without complaining about being tired and having to sit down for a rest.

I’m excited for the future.

I’m now confident achieving my long-term goals. And the icing on the cake, I’m getting married in 2023. Wedding dress shopping isn’t going to be the nightmare I once thought it would be. I have a wedding dress to buy and I’m enjoying life being a slimmer me. Thank you LighterLife for helping me to change my life in so many ways.

We know losing weight can be tough, that’s why we have lots of support to help you on your journey. Get in touch with your personal Mentor by doing a postcode search here or emailing findmymentor@lighterlife.com