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Rianne Guy lost 12 stone on our TotalFast plan

Rianne Guy joined LighterLife for fast weight loss and was amazed by how life changing she found her weekly groups

Weight lost: 12st*
Weight loss plan: TotalFast

‘I’d been overweight since around the age of 5. Everyone would always say it was puppy fat. By the time I left school I was a size 16, and over the years the number on the scales only went up. I made attempts to lose weight but I was never really doing it for me.

Throughout my life I was never open and honest with myself about my weight. I even brought a size 16 wedding dress because I was deluded about my size. I ended up having it altered to a size 20 so that I could fit into it. Looking back I rushed into being an adult.

For long periods of time during my marriage my husband and I lived apart. He moved to Australia to play rugby and I became a pro at eating alone. When he returned we agreed that he’d continue living his life the way he wanted to, so he’d be out with his friends most nights of the week. On the nights he’d go out he would order me pizza and chocolate to keep me occupied.

In 2013 we broke up, I attempted to lose weight to win him back but I didn’t stick to it. I wasn’t living I was just existing, I really did feel trapped inside.

When it came to eating I had no boundaries. I’d secretly eat in the car on the way to work and on my way home. I’d think to myself that I couldn’t bring the wrappers inside to the bin as others would know so I’d just leave them in the car.

The moment I knew I had to change my life was when I saw, in the mirror, what looked like the Honey Monster looking back at me. I was all hunched over and it suddenly hit me ‘Is that what everyone else sees?’ I booked into my local LighterLife group the next day.

My friend achieved fantastic results with LighterLife and I wanted to lose weight fast and start living my life. What’s amazing about LighterLife is the weekly group support. It’s like no other. My Counsellor, Dawn, would take us through a different activity each week which would help us understand our relationship with food and teach us how to make better choices. The group gave me accountability, which is exactly what I needed.

Now I’ve lost 12 stone* I’m going to Disneyland Paris this summer without the fear of having to wear a seatbelt extender. I’m so excited to ride my first rollercoaster and not be the bag holder. Losing weight with LighterLife has been life changing and for the first time in a long time I’m excited about life, and so happy I’ve done something just for myself.’

*Each of our client’s results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.