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Lights, Camera, Action: Behind the scenes with LighterLife

When these three ladies joined LighterLife, each had their own weight struggles and insecurities but all shared the same goal; living the life they dreamed of.

To celebrate their fantastic achievements we invited Kerry, Rianne and Sarah along to an exclusive photo shoot in West London, where they got to hang out with our fabulous Ambassador Denise Welch and open up about their weight loss journeys. The day was packed with laughter, friendship and a huge sense of achievement, after all these ladies have a lot to celebrate.

How did you feel when you were invited along?

“I was very excited to be asked. There are so many fantastic LighterLife clients who have all done amazingly well, so I felt very privileged to be asked.” Kerry

“I was excited to meet everyone from LighterLife and my fellow LighterLifers but very nervous! Some of the old body images crept into my head and there were doubts! I spoke to my Counsellor, looked at how far I’d come and drew on techniques I’d learnt in group to overcome those doubts. What a fantastic chance I had to share my story and help others who might be thinking about starting LighterLife, so in the end the excitement won out!” Rianne

“When I was asked to do the photo shoot I was honoured, shocked and very excited as I have never been asked to do anything like it before.” Sarah

Tell us about your day

“Apart from shock of discovering the tubes weren’t running, everything about the day as a whole was so enjoyable. I loved having my hair and makeup done and getting to dress up in all of the different outfits. Hanging out with Denise was great fun, I even got a selfie.” Kerry

“It was such an exciting and busy day, I have so many great memories, but what really stood out is how welcoming, supportive and friendly everyone was. I felt like I was amongst friends who I had known for years. My husband came with me to London and he too had a great day meeting the LighterLife team. ” Sarah

Denise make upClothesGroup-imageV3

What was it like having a glam team for the day?

“It was so lovely being pampered. I even had my nails done! It was such fun wearing lots of different outfits, there was a beautiful blue Michael Kors number which I loved. It’s not often I treat myself, so a having some ‘me time’ was pure luxury.” Kerry

“Getting glammed up made me feel like a celebrity. It’s always nice to have your hair and make up done but being at a LighterLife shoot made it even more special. It’s a lifestyle I could get used to!” Sarah

Did you have a favourite outfit?

“I wore this tight red dress which I absolutely loved. Those gold metallic heels from New Look were so comfy and gorgeous! Oh, and the pink strappy shoes, in fact all of the outfits it’s too hard to choose!” Kerry

“The stylist dressed me in some Darcy jeans from Dorothy Perkins which fit me so well and this gorgeous pastel bomber jacket. I loved them so much I went out and brought them.” Rianne

“I felt the most amazing in the red jumpsuit from Julien Macdonald at Debenhams. It’s a style I hadn’t worn before and the colour was just fantastic!” Sarah

What are you excited about for the rest of the year?

“I went to New York recently. I’ve been a couple of times before but have always been overweight, so when I look back at photos of me in such iconic places I hate it as I look awful! This time I was slim and feeling healthy.  Posing for photos was great and I was proud to show them off upon my return. I’ve now been maintaining my weight loss for over a year which feels great. People had said to me, or thought, that I would put the weight back on as soon as I reached my goal. I’m proof that you can keep the weight off for good.” Kerry

“I had my 30th birthday recently so lots of celebrations took place. I never wanted to enter my 30s still morbidly obese and now I’m not I really can’t wait for what’s to come. I’m off to Disneyland Paris this summer and the rides are calling my name!” Rianne

“The next year now holds promise for me in that I have found something I am truly passionate about. Telling people how I achieved my weight loss never gets tiring and using the tools taught to me during my weekly group has given me a new fresh outlook on life. I can look forward to doing and achieving things that I never before thought possible.” Sarah

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