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Client Stories

Over 400,000 peopleare now living lighter
*Each of our client’s results and stories below are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.


In just 6 weeks Paul came off Diabetic medication with the support of his wife Denise, together they lost over 11 stone!*

For Paul and Denise their weight crept up over time, cooking large portions for dinner began playing havoc with their waistlines, and with Paul’s health.



Leah: LighterLife gave me the confidence to go on the TV show

Leah lost 6st 7lb* after completely changing her behaviour around eating.


Anupam: The LighterLife group support was the biggest help

After his GP diagnosed him with Type 2 Diabetes, Anupam knew he needed to do something about it.


Denise: I needed to change what was going on in my head

Denise Welch joined LighterLife after realising she’d swapped drinking too much for eating too much.


Nick: I feel so much better and I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe

When Save Money: Good Health revealed that I had lost the most weight, and that LighterLife was the cheapest diet £ per lb, I was delighted.


Mica: 2018 is going to be my year!

Mica lost over 2 stone after tackling her emotional relationship with food.



Kerry: I’m so much happier now

Kerry Cole lost over half her body weight* with LighterLife, after becoming fed-up with the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.


Rianne: I’m excited about life and so happy I’ve done something for myself

Rianne Guy joined LighterLife after feeling trapped inside her own body for far too long.


Sarah: My friends and family are stunned by my transformation

Sarah Payne joined LighterLife to get back control over her weight.


Emma: I can now be a good role model for my children

Emma Davey had never had a good relationship with food so found the group support made all the difference.



Stella: Losing the weight allowed me to be the mum I wanted to be. I’m now a lot more active with my sons

Stella lost 4st 4lb* with LighterLife, having felt de-motivated by slow weight loss on other diets she found the weight loss amazing. Seven years on and she’s still maintaining her healthy weight.


Claire: I’ve broken the cycle of secret eating

Claire says: ‘Christmas was never a great time for me. I used to feel so anxious, worrying about not having anything nice to wear because nothing fit me.


Emma: I lost 10st 12lb* before my wedding and I’ve been maintaining my healthy weight for over two years*

Emma says: ‘My school years were a misery due to endless bullying..


Joe: I’ve come out of hibernation

I’d been overweight for most of my teens but at 16 I went from being a chubby kid to seriously big. Looking back, it was around this time my parents split up and dad moved out. I guess I hit the food harder because it numbed things. Within a few years I reached 29st.


Charlotte: I’ll never yo-yo diet again!

Charlotte lost over 6 stone after finding the right support in her LighterLife group .


Kelly: Group made all the difference

LighterLife is far more than a diet. The group work helped me uncover the psychology behind my dysfunctional eating.


Russel: I’ve lost my pirate image and found the real me

“At my largest I tipped the scales at 24st 3lbs. I tried various diets but but nothing worked because they didn’t get to the root cause of my emtional eating.”


Drew: I lost an incredible 20st* and was able to proudly walk my daughter down the aisle without getting out of breath

Drew Donaldson, 62 from Scotland, lost almost two thirds of his body weight after tipping the scales at 34 stone.


Nicky: I met my future husband five weeks after I joined LighterLife

Nicky Gibbs lost almost 4st* with LighterLife and is now following the LighterLife Management plan to help her maintain her weight loss


Diane: Now I’m first in line at the mum’s race on sports day

Diane lost 4st* on LighterLife Total and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over 8 years.*

After moving to the UK from South Africa and having her children, Diane decided to join her local dance group at this point she was 5 stone over weight. She found she’d lost her confidence.


Emma: I was always the fat, funny friend. But, look at me now!

“I’d find myself lying awake at night full of anxiety thinking: If I don’t lose weight, I’m going to die. I’m not ready to die…I needed to change, but I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help and I’ve never been good at asking for help.


Holly: I finally feel confident enough to wear my bikini on holiday

Holly Taylor lost almost 6st* with LighterLife and is now following the LighterLife Management plan to help her maintain her weight loss


Craig: I lost 3st 5lbs* and gained the confidence to stand up to bullies – I’ve even been mistaken for Olly Murs

Craig tipped the scales at 16st 3lbs and joined LighterLife after being left embarrassed about not being able to squeeze into 48 inch waist jeans.

“I found my weight became a big problem when I started getting bullied at school and I found it difficult to make friends.


Gary: ‘I don’t feel the need to over indulge like I used to – it’s all about balance.’

I no longer treat myself with food. I eat what I need to eat, and don’t use food as a reward system..


Lyndsay: ‘I lost weight to be the best parent I could possibly be’

My son Teddy had spent 3 yrs battling leukaemia, when his treatment finished he couldn’t wait to be a ‘normal’ little boy again. I lost 5st 8lbs* so I could run around after him and be the best parent possible.


Gemma: ‘I’ve never been more proud of myself in my life’

I tried every diet going, but nothing worked. I thought about doing LighterLife for about 12 months before actually joining, I’d thought it was unhealthy. When I went to see my Counsellor (Veronica Barry) she laid my health worries to rest.


Julie lost 9st 3lbs* to dramatically improve her health and has been successfully maintaining her weight for over 2 years.*

When gastric bands and bypasses failed Julie, LighterLife triumphed.


Lyn: ‘I used to just exist – now I’m alive’

When Lyn was desperately unhappy she thought weight was the reason, but she can now see it was more than that. At 17st she felt lethargic and unhealthy, and although her life was busy it was also horribly empty.


Yvonne: ‘I feel more alive than ever before’

With a milestone birthday just around the corner, and 20 years of yoyo dieting under her belt, Yvonne knew that to ensure her 60’s was going to be a happy and healthy decade she needed to revaluate the choices she was making.


Delpha lost over 9st* with LighterLife and has been maintaining her healthy weight for over a year.*

Delpha says: ‘I lost over half my body weight without bariatric surgery

Laurence: ‘My kids called me fatty, but now I laugh with them’

When Laurence Howland was touching 19 stone his kids called him Fatty.

At his top weight he couldn’t walk five minutes from the bus stop to his office without breaking into a sweat.


Tipping the scales at over 17st, I knew I was extremely overweight. But I told myself I’d start another diet tomorrow.

One day when I was lecturing an obese patient when he looked at me and said: ‘You can talk!’ I knew then I had to confront my own weight. .


Ruth: ‘I’ve come off all heart medication and my blood pressure has dropped to a normal level.’

I lost 6st 4lbs* for my health, and thanks to the support of my LighterLife Counsellor and the ladies in my group, I value myself for the first time.