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Fay Williams

Fay Williams lost 2st 6lb* with LighterLife after appearing on a hit Channel 4 TV show.

  • Weight lost: 2st 6lbs*
  • Weight loss plan: Total
  • Followed by FlexiFasting


Having spent years struggling with her weight and beginning to think about her future health, Fay was scouted to appear on a prime-time TV show called How to Lose Weight Well. She explains:

“Early in 2018 I was scrolling through Facebook and a post popped up to say Channel 4 were looking for dieters to lose weight alongside a friend or work colleague. That’s when my friend from work, tagged me in the comments and encouraged me to participate with her.

I didn’t think anything would come of it but to my surprise the producers wanted to meet us over Skype. It was quite surreal; one minute we were chatting over the computer, the next we were in London signing up. Within a month I would embark on my weight-loss journey, and I was excited about getting started.

Trying something new.

Having struggled with my weight from a child, I was very familiar with slimming clubs and following calorie-controlled recipes. When I was told I’d be following the LighterLife programme I was apprehensive because I hadn’t heard about it and was like nothing I’d tried before. I started off on the Lite plan by having three LighterLife products a day followed by a healthy evening meal. This was a good way to introduce myself to this type of diet.

I soon decided to move onto the Total plan to see a bigger weight loss each week. I replaced all conventional food with LighterLife’s total diet replacement (TDR) Foodpacks. I loved the Peanut Bar and Chocolate Shake. The products were so easy to make and took no time at all to prepare, the bars were super-convenient with my job as I could eat them on the go.

In my first week I lost 4lb and I loved seeing the weight drop off so quickly, it made it all worth while. Alongside the meal-replacement products, LighterLife provides counselling groups to support you on your weight-loss journey. As there wasn’t a group close enough to my house, I decided to join LighterLife2U. It was a conference call run by a counsellor which included myself and another five ladies who were all on a quest to lose weight.

Alongside my group session each week I also had a one-to-one call with my mentor, Adam, which was really beneficial. I appreciated the extra level of support he gave me from answering questions about the plan to keeping me motivated on tougher weeks.

How times have changed!

Before LighterLife I’d have come home after a stressful day at work and reached for the biscuit tin. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. My mood really dictated my eating habits and played a big part in my weight gain. Now, I am so much more aware of my reasons for eating and I catch myself noticing my actions around food, whereas before I never paid attention. LighterLife has definitely helped me to recognise the power our minds have over how we react to food and respond to life’s obstacles.

I’m really pleased to have lost 2st 4lb in 2 ½ months and it’s amazing how much my energy levels have increased in such little time. I’ll be maintaining my weight with LighterLife’s FlexiFasting plan – fasting just two days a week – and sticking to a healthy balanced diet for the other five days.”