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I lost 3st 1lb on LighterLife to improve my health

Since the age of 15 I have started and stopped diets countless of times. I wanted to improve my health and wanted to be able to feel comfortable in whatever I was wearing.

I signed up to LighterLife and started the TotalFast plan in November 2022.  The thing that stood out for me about LighterLife was the CBT Mindfulness sessions. I wanted to understand my relationship with food, as for years I didn’t think I had a problem with food when I compared myself with larger people around me.

My Mentor explored with me my approach to food, and I learnt so much from other clients in the group. It was fascinating to hear others in the group having similar challenges to my own. The CBT Mindfulness session has taught me that I can eat whatever I want to but don’t have to eat it today; I benefit from owning my choices; all food ends up as waste. 

The support in the WhatsApp group has been invaluable, and my husband has been very supportive throughout.

Now that I’ve lost the weight, I’m loving being able to wear whatever I like. When I go shopping, I often have to go back for a smaller size to what I thought would fit. My wardrobe is now more colourful, and I feel confident enough now to wear tighter clothing and experiment with different styles. I saved old clothes from after having my second child and they now fit again.

My self-esteem has now grown enormously and according to others I come across more confidently.  I no longer suffer with embarrassment when attending hospital appointments. My Husband has noticed a big difference in me.

I would highly recommend LighterLife and recommend you take all the support they can from WhatsApp groups, Mentors & CBT Mindfulness sessions.