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After reversing her Type 2 Diabetes, Patricia is feeling more confident than ever

I have been dieting on and off for around 20 years. I had tried many diets before and even went to the gym. I needed to lose weight due to health reasons. I was a Type 2 Diabetic and suffered with high Cholesterol.

I chose LighterLife predominantly because everything is pre-planned, and because of the 100% daily nutrition I’d be getting whilst following the LighterLife TotalFast plan. It’s so simple to follow, I didn’t have to calorie count, it is all worked out for you which I liked.

Following the plan

I never felt hungry on the LighterLife TotalFast plan, I had so much energy, better sleep pattern and such great results in a short space of time. In the first week, I was aware I might have felt hungry whilst transitioning into Ketosis, but I planned to not put myself into any sabotaging situations and I got through those first few days just fine.

My Mentor, Tracey, has been an excellent source of support (and still is) throughout my LighterLife journey. The CBT Mindfulness sessions she holds weekly are a good learning curve, which makes me think about ‘why’ we make the choices we do and around our behaviours.

I really look forward to the ‘Hot Topics’ each week, they are very thought provoking and for me they took me out of my comfort zone many times.

I also benefitted from support from my friends and family. They have all been wonderfully supportive and have followed me on my LighterLife journey from day 1.

The new me

Now that I’ve lost the weight, I am loving wearing colours, tight jeans, gym clothes and I am feeling so confident in myself and what I have learnt about ME whilst on the LighterLife plan. I am much more active, I walk dogs with a professional dog walker every day for 1 hour, I can now do my own Pedicures, something I really struggled with before losing the weight. I feel so fit and healthy.  

What LighterLife has taught me

I have learnt so much about ‘ME’, why I made the choices I used to and not to be hard on myself. It’s important that I don’t listen to others ‘opinions’ because that is all they are. I have also learnt that planning works for me, in social situations and my home life.  I am aware of what previously would have ‘triggered’ me was me letting my thoughts ‘self-sabotage’. Thoughts are just thoughts, and I can turn them around.

Patricia’s top tips

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family.  Be kind to yourself, this is your journey and your decision to be the best version of yourself for YOU.