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I lost 11 stone and fulfilled a lifelong dream!

I lost 11 stone and fulfilled my dream

I weighed over 26 stone before I started the LighterLife TotalFast plan, and I have gone on to lose 11 stone. I chose LighterLife because of the CBT Mindfulness approach. The main thing that kept me going was losing 8lb in my first week, and the continuous losses week after week.

The support is what makes LighterLife different

My Mentor, Sharon, is great and really knows her stuff. The Facebook lives and WhatsApp group was a huge benefit, the daily motivational messages kept me motivated to keep going. I’m now much more aware of the unhelpful things I was eating and my portion sizes which will help me maintain my weight long-term. The weekly group meetings are a great tool to meet people who are also on the same journey, sharing experiences and advice.

My lifelong dream came true…

LighterLife helped me to achieve my lifelong dream of jumping out of a plane, something I couldn’t do in the past due to my weight not meeting the safety requirements. I have raised over £1000 for Demelza doing my skydive and I plan to do another one soon. It’s so much easier to shop for clothes, being able to wear designer brands again.

If I can do it, you can too!