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My decade of success

Sarah Booker talks life-changing weight loss, in the wake of her LighterLife anniversary!

Start weight: 13st
Weight loss (while on the Total plan): 3st 8lbs
Current weight: 8st 8lbs


Sarah maybe a svelte ultra runner & triathlete now, but that wasn’t always the case. This LighterLife star opens up about her unhealthy past, revealing a previous life of unhealthy overeating.

“I didn’t see the point in eating healthily as it didn’t seem to affect my weight. Rather than seeing healthy eating as important to my life whatever my weight, I saw it purely how it affected my weight.” It’s hard to imagine this smiling determined lady ever had trouble with her weight.

Before LighterLife “I remember being so hungry all the time. I was eating the wrong things – processed foods high in sugar which triggered a cycle of eating the same food.  A quick sugar high, a crash and a craving for more sugar.”

Finally the lightbulb moment came “I made a last minute decision to catch up with some old friends and had nipped out at lunch to get a new outfit, but the clothes shop I’d relied on didn’t stock my size. I hadn’t thought of myself as plus-size before” and this realisation shocked Sarah into action. She joined LighterLife in March 2007 and after reaching her goal weight by June, she moved into Management.

“Management was invaluable as it taught me to re-learn my eating. otherwise you will accidentally fall into the same traps you’ve been falling into your whole life up until now. Being on Foodpacks for 100 days gives you a clean slate – you haven’t had to worry about food or nutrition – it’s been taken care of for you but you have to learn how to eat now. It’s not enough just eating smaller portions of what you were eating before. The same problems will just resurface.”

It’s clear that Sarah successfully learnt to change her thinking around food! So remember, just like Sarah, you too can change your life, for good! We’re hoping she’ll join us again soon to share more so watch this space!

Feeling inspired? Well you can find out more about Sarah’s running on her blog, read more amazing success stories, or share your own tips and experiences with the rest of the community on Facebook and Twitter. Or, if you’re ready, find out more and get started!

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