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Hazel Harrod

Returning to LighterLife is a sign of strength!

I’d struggled with my weight for years, I felt out of control and desperate for help. My trigger moment came when my brother, Luke, jokingly referred to me as “muffin top”. I know he cares for me, and would not intentionally upset me, but it still hurt and stuck with me. Looking back at it now, I know that was his way of approaching my weight without saying something more hurtful. I had no idea what a muffin top was but soon found out! He also referred to the fact both our parents had diabetes, and that I was heading that way as well.

My journey with LighterLife begun in February 2009. I joined my local LighterLife group, and had an amazing counsellor who was so inspiring to me. I was naïve though, I assumed that I was fixed as soon as I dropped the weight but this wasn’t the case. Three years later, I decided to do the programme again as the results spoke for themselves, but this time around I wanted to complete the management phase to ensure the weight stayed off.

What’s so great about the LighterLife Total Plan is that it takes away the constant thoughts around food. You never have to plan what you’re having the next day, weigh out ingredients or look at nutritional values. I had my four Foodpacks all prepared for me and I knew I was getting all the vitamins and minerals I needed without the extra calories.

In 2011, there was a bereavement in the family and my weight struggles crept back, it was my coping mechanism. I realised I needed to accept that life will throw curve balls at me, but as I have learnt with LighterLife, I have a choice of how to deal with them. Being on my LighterLife journey made me feel better during this time, so I continued and refocused on my end goal.

I’m so proud to say that I’ve been maintaining my 4stone loss for nearly 2 years. I have never felt so great, and it’s so simple. For me, accepting that I’m a food addict and realising I will always need to work on this is key. I continue to manage my weight with the help of LighterLife and their 5:2 Management Plan.

This year I’m celebrating nine years of having LighterLife in my life, and the amazing journey I’ve been on. Having such life changing results from LighterLife, both physically and mentally, and having the ongoing support of my Counsellor inspired me to do the same. I became a LighterLife Counsellor myself in 2010 and to help people achieve the same results. It’s the most rewarding job in the world, and I’m proof that returning to LighterLife will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Hazel Harrod, LighterLife Counsellor for Horsham