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When you take advantage of your Mentor’s support and the CBT Mindfulness, your routine becomes so simple, it’s second nature.

When I was less than a year old, I had a bone virus that ate away the head of my right femur, something my doctors only discovered when they went to put a pin in as they thought I had a “clicky” hip. At that stage, they were unsure if I would ever be able to walk, nor how it would affect me.

Growing up, I had to have an operation every 12-18 months to stimulate my right leg, otherwise it wouldn’t have grown. I also had to have regular appointments with my consultant and scans throughout my childhood.

When I was 21 years old, my consultant performed a hip replacement – which was more like a hip rebuild! Unfortunately, this kept dislocating and I had to have multiple revision surgeries. This hip replacement only lasted four years and then it got infected, and I got sepsis. I was in hospital for 6-7 weeks and was extremely poorly.

My hip replacement has been removed and, due to the lack of muscle in this area, they are unable to put in another hip. I now have to walk with two elbow crutches and my right leg is shorter than my left, so I need heel raises in my shoes.

Needless to say, being overweight not only puts additional strain on my body, it’s exhausting as well. So, I tried all manner of diets and apps to lose weight.

Why I chose LighterLife

Having done LighterLife in the past and successfully kept the weight off, I think the combination of the CBT Mindfulness and the support you get from your Mentor is key. Plus the fact that all your meals are pre-planned for you, you only need to choose which ones to have and when. And once you go into ketosis, you don’t feel hungry anymore either, which really helps.

Mentoring and Mindfulness

I came back to LighterLife at an unexpectedly stressful time in my life – I’d started a new job (I’m a secondary English language/literature teacher), and then lost a family member within the first month of the programme.

My Mentor, Tracey has been key to my success, and I wouldn’t have carried on without her support and that of her Group. Her weekly CBT Mindfulness sessions on Zoom are key to understanding and dealing with your relationship with food, and helping you to develop strategies for when you go back to conventional food.

Outside of LighterLife, my friends, family, and colleagues at my job have all been extremely supportive.

Following the plan

The first 2-3 days on TotalFast were hard and I felt a bit hungry and irritable. But then I went into ketosis, and things changed, I was full of energy, and felt amazing. I also slept better. My favourite products are the Strawberry Shake, the Nut Fudge Bar, Double Chocolate Bar, and the Chocolate and Raisin Bar.

What’s changed for me now that I’m at my goal weight?

Before LighterLife I was a UK size 22 and now I’m a UK size 10/12 – so I’ve dropped 10 dress sizes! That said, due to my disability, I still can’t take part in any sports or running. I am, however, planning on starting swimming as this is a non-weight bearing activity. And although I’m still on daily pain medication, things are a little easier as I’m not carrying around the extra weight anymore.

How do I feel now?

I‘ve become 100% more confident in all areas of my life – I speak up more in my department, I’m more sociable, less self-conscious, and feel like I’m finally me again. I even took part in a photoshoot (for these pictures), which is something I would have never done before!

And my style has completely changed too, now I have more clothes than ever! It’s great to be able to go into a shop and not worry about not finding anything to wear.

What have I learned?

I’ve learned how to have a whole new relationship with food. I feel more in control and know where my unhelpful behaviours originate from, as well as recognise unhelpful thoughts. Now I have coping strategies for when they creep in.

I can recognise true hunger and when I’m just thirsty.

I’ve also learned that planning is key and I use a calorie counting app and track everything I eat. I know this may seem extreme to some people, and may not work for everyone, but it does for me.

What I’d say to anyone thinking about starting LighterLife? 

I would say to do it! It really has changed my life. Take advantage of your Mentor’s support and the CBT Mindfulness sessions, it becomes second nature and is so simple and helpful.

You also need to take it a day at a time and evenly space out your Foodpacks – try a variety and don’t forget the added extras! Make sure you drink plenty of water – the amount you need drastically increases because you normally get so much water from conventional food.