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Since reaching my goal-weight, shopping for clothes is an enjoyable experience!

Fast Weight Loss LighterLife Client Success Story Mark

Mark lost 5st 6lbs on our TotalFast plan.

I have always struggled with my weight and have tried just about every diet over the years. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have started a diet. Nothing had ever worked until I tried LighterLife.  In the past I have usually hit a plateau around 15 stone and not been able to get past it, before putting all the weight back on.

LighterLife was different! I went from 17st 5lb at the start of my journey, to just below my target at 11st 13lb, so overall I lost 5st 6lb.  This took me just over 5 months.

LighterLife was the difference I needed!

The main thing that attracted me to LighterLife was the simplicity of the Programme – it was so straightforward and easy to follow. Also, being able to take a complete break from conventional food enabled me to break from my sugar cravings. I think this really helped me keep to the plan. Most other diets rely on some form of willpower while still eating foods or treats in small proportions. This always seemed to be a point which derailed me.

My first week on TotalFast was tough. I was really craving food, but by day 5 I started to feel really good and once I was over the initial hump and into ketosis, I felt great!

The Mentor support was inspiring.

The Mentor support I received on TotalFast, helped when there was the odd week where I was struggling. My Mentor, Gbemi, provided some real insights into the way we look at food and how it played a role in my past to provide emotional support, or how we just eat out of boredom or through some other triggers which have nothing to do with hunger.

I enjoyed the weekly CBT Mindfulness sessions and found them really useful to reset my thinking during my weight-loss journey. I had other people in my group who had similar past experiences which I found really helpful.  I always found myself nodding along when someone would share an anecdote about their past eating habits!

Gbemi also posted daily on our WhatsApp group and these little messages of support along the way were really great.  I also liked reading other people’s success stories in the private TotalFast Facebook group, as they kept me motivated especially at the start of my journey.

The main thing I have taken from my Mentor is having a more mindful approach to eating and recognising why I want to eat.  This allows me to pause and think about what I’m putting in my mouth and whether I’m really hungry, or just bored, or even tired.

With LighterLife #ChangeisPossible

Since losing weight, shopping for clothes is now an enjoyable experience rather than a necessary chore.  I have gone from an X-Large (or XXL in some stores) to Medium in most clothes.  I’ve never been a Medium in my life!!

I have a lot more energy now and walking up the cliffside at Seven Sisters on holiday this year was an absolute breeze.  In the past I would have had to take a few breaks on the way up.  I also enjoyed swimming in the sea this year which I haven’t done in decades!

Start your LighterLife journey!

For anyone considering starting LighterLife I would say…go for it, you have nothing to lose, but be prepared for the first week to be really tough.  For me staying on plan really relied on me changing my whole outlook on food and to put out of my mind what other people thought.  The journey is really about YOU and your goals, keeping that in mind really helps drive through when you feel like giving up.

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