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Julian lost 4st 7lbs on the TotalFast plan

Client success story Julian achieved his weight loss goals fast with LighterLife

  • Weight lost: 4st 7lb*
  • Weight loss plan: TotalFast
  • Followed by Management

Julian spent years yoyo-dieting. He would lose one stone here and there but would then struggle to sustain any weight he lost long-term. In an effort to break this cycle, he decided to join LighterLife and signed up to the TotalFast plan in April 2021. Julian has since lost an impressive 4st 7lbs in 4 months on our TotalFast plan and has been maintaining his goal weight since August 2021.

The LighterLife diet plans are designed to be simple and straight forward to follow. It was on day four of being on the TotalFast plan, that ketosis kicked in and Julian found it extremely easy from then onwards and did not experience any hunger. He adapted to his new routine and drank plenty of water.

Success Story Juilan reached his goal weight with LighterLife

The health benefits are amazing!

Since losing the weight, Julian has experienced lots of health benefits.

‘I am now able to move more freely, and I feel more comfortable. I can walk further without getting out of breath, and I don’t get as tired. I can sit with my legs crossed comfortably! I even enjoy clothes shopping nowadays.’

‘My wardrobe is more varied, and the styles of clothing are more fitted.  I definitely feel more confident in my clothes.’

LighterLife Management and beyond

Once Julian reached his goal weight, he signed up to the Management plan. The plan taught him how to slowly reintroduce conventional food back into his diet. New healthy recipes and portion sizes were introduced…

‘I eat more consciously and am making healthier choices.  I am able to limit the amount I eat of less healthy foods, which I now enjoy occasionally.  I’m now aware of trigger foods and times.’

The CBT mindfulness techniques made me realise that ‘I snacked too much, I ate too much and I ate the wrong things.  I’ve learned my trigger foods, such as biscuits, and I now avoid them.’

‘I would say to anyone thinking of starting the LighterLife plan – Just do it!  It’s not difficult and you will get so many benefits. Why wait?’

We know losing weight can be tough, that’s why we have lots of support to help you on your journey. Get in touch with your personal Mentor by doing a postcode search here or emailing findmymentor@lighterlife.com

*Each of our client’s results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.